Marvel to Relaunch Thor in 2020

Marvel has confirmed a new Thor series with a new creative team.

New Marvel Thor Series by Donny Cates

At Marvel’s Next Big Thing panel at New York Comic Con, Donny Cates and Nic Klein (Deadpool) were announced as the next creative team to tackle Thor.

Jason Aaron, the current writer, is wrapping up a massive, seven year run that spanned ten series, three crossovers and more than 110 individual issues. It’s widely regarded as one of the greatest runs on the character of all time, leaving some pretty large shoes to fill.

Cates has, however, already been filling them. Sort of.

Cates is currently writing Marvel’s big Spider-Man crossover, Absolute Carnage. It ties together work he’s been doing on Silver Surfer Black and Venom about the history and origins of the symbiotes, one that ties the God of the Symbiotes, Knull, to Thor through Thor’s enem, Gorr the God Butcher and his Necrosword. This retcon happened recently, but it tied together a lot of loose and disparate threads floating in Marvel’s space books.

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Cates is also the writer of God Country, one of the best comics of 2017. “In all my wildest dreams, I could never have imagined a world in which I was worthy of writing Thor,” he said. “From Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, all the way to the legendary run I am so foolishly following by the great Jason Aaron, it is beyond an honor to enter the golden halls of Asgard, and to pave the path (Far beyond the fields we know…) for the Thunder God himself. Know that you will have my best, true believers.  For all of you. For Asgard. Forever.”

Here’s Marvel’s official synopsis for the new Thor series:

“The quest Thor is on will be the stuff of legend, filled with thunderous adventure as well as mystery as the character finds himself in unexpected new territory and facing off against an ancient threat known as The Black Winter.”

Gorr was the first antagonist of Aaron’s run with the character, and what started as a series of epic black metal album covers slowly revealed itself to be a meditation on the responsibilities and service required of godhood. It is remarkable how long some of the fuses stayed lit over the course of this story – King Thor, the current iteration of this story, wraps up the entire tale and is paying off story beats seeded in the first issues of the run. The War of the Realms only just wrapped, but it was teased towards the end of Thor: God of Thunder, less than a quarter of the way into the entire tale.

Klein has redesigned Thor’s costume for the new launch. He looks to be going back to his tunic and mail outfit from the mid 2000’s, with the tunic recolored to look like deep space, and a Norse rune belt running down the side. It’s very cosmic, seemingly teasing a role in space for the God of Thunder and new King of Asgard.

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