Marvel Announces Wolverine: Origin II and More at SDCC!

Marvel's Cup o' Joe panel is always a highlight of the big comic-cons, and this year was no exception, with talk of a new Wolverine mini-series, more Guardians of the Galaxy, and the future of the Inhumans!

One of the highlights of every major convention is the Cup o’ Joe, a panel where Marvel Chief Executive Officer, Joe Quesada, answers fans’ questions and reveals top secret Marvel news. This year’s panel included Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, CB Cebulski, writers Brian Michael Bendis and Rick Remender, artist Skottie Young, writer Sam Humphries, and editors Nick Lowe and Steve Wacker.

Editor Nick Lowe described the upcoming event Inhuman as “The next huge franchise for the Marvel Universe with a new kind of super hero,” to which Axel Alonso added “A year ago we told you Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova were characters to watch. Inhuman is the game changer in the Marvel Universe post-Infinity.”

A game changer? A comparison to Guardians of the Galaxy? Is this a subtle hint of a future Inhumans film?

In one of the cooler and more unexpected announcements, Dan Abnett is writing Revolutionary War, a mini-series that will bring back the Marvel UK characters! 

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In December, artists like Becky Cloonan, Joe Quinones, and Ming Dyole will be joining writer Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie for a story called “The Afterparty” in Young Avengers.

Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert will present Wolverine: Origin II this fall, continuing the story from where Wolverine: Origin left off. As if this week isn’t exciting enough for Wolverine fans.

Bendis revealed that the newly introduced Ultimate Cloak & Dagger will be front and center when Galactus arrives.

Quesada was asked how Hollywood effects creative decisions on the publishing side of Marvel. Joe replied, “If you look at our movies, so much in our movies is affected by what we do in publishing. Same thing with animation. At Marvel, everything we do feeds into everything else.”

A fan asked whether the question of Earth’s place in the overall tapestry of the Marvel universe will be addressed, to which Bendis answered, “Even though these characters have been around for as long as the Marvel Universe is around, we’re literally on issue four of reintroducing them to you guys. Beyond that, there are so many characters we haven’t introduced you to yet that will be in Guardians. There are all these things that we haven’t answered yet. We have a huge landscape with which we can tell stories.”

In response to an inquiry whether the characters from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will get their own comic, Quesada said, “I think the fact that we have a new Nick Fury and an Agent Coulson in the Marvel Universe should tell you something — I hope we get there, but we don’t have any current plans,”

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The group addressed what comic talent is on Marvel Studios’ creative committee, to which Bendis replied that he was the only regular writer on the committee, but individuals are brought in for specific projects like Matt Fraction on Iron Man 2 and Ed Brubaker on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. “Imagine the angriest, longest message board fight you’ve ever had, it’s every creative meeting,” Bendis quipped. Well whatever these boys are doing, it’s working.

In response to the current character drama in Uncanny Avengers, writer Rick Remender said, “It shouldn’t work, and the drama that comes into that and the ensuing consequences are going to be reflective of their inability to get along and be heroic.”

Alonso pumped up Savage Wolverine as a book to go for fresh Wolverine adventures in many different genres away from the action of the core Marvel Universe. He also revealed there are no plans for any more Punisher MAX but there are big plans to shore up Frank Castle’s place in the Marvel Universe going forward.

A young fan asked if there are any plans for a Nick Fury origin story. Alonso gave this tidbit back to the young man, “We have plans for Nick Fury. We definitely have some plans, it’s a good year to be a Nick Fury fan.”

In regards to Wolverine’s future as an Avenger after some of Logan’s recent violent escapades, Remender revealed, “It’s going to come down to an ideological conflict. [Some Avengers] have a particular ideology and are overlooking a lot of the things that Logan does. … I don’t see that changing. You’ve seen Steve [Rogers] splinter the team when he found out what happened in X-Force and what X-Force did. That ideological divide is what I’m exploring in the current story arc and it asks whether Wolverine should even be with the Avengers.”

Riding the wave of popularity of Brian Wood’s all female X-Men team, Quesada promised more female-oriented teams in the future in comics as well as more minority super-heroes being introduced into Marvel’s films. The panel points out that the members of Uncanny X-Force are all women (except Puck) and the Fearless Defenders are also a team made up of strong female heroes.

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In response to a possible Marvel Studios produced Daredevil film now that the property is no longer with Fox, Quesada whetted fans already ravenous appetite by revealing “We’re just trying to air it out,” Quesada said, to some laughs. “We’re really excited. We just got the property back. Will there be something with Daredevil down the road? I would love to see [it]. We’re certainly mulling it over. Who knows?”

A fan asked if there will be any more slice-of-life books in the vein of Hawkeye and Captain Marvel to which Alonso replied there is something like that in the works and Bendis added, “The Sentry’s version of a Hawkeye book would just be fire on every page.”

In a lightning round of questions Alonso said Darkhawk has been discussed a lot lately. Bendis revealed there will be a follow up to the ending of Spider-Men. In response to the whereabouts of the Runaways, the panel told fans to look for Victor Mancha in Avengers A.I., Karolina in Young Avengers, Nico and Chase playing a major role in Avengers Arena, and a surprise in X-Men: Battle of the Atom.

Finally, Sam Humphries promised many changes for Hank Pym coming in Avengers A.I and an upcoming major role in Avengers Arena as we head towards the Edgar Wright Ant Man film in 2015.

So, there you go A huge reveal in Wolverine: Origin II, a surprising return for the Marvel UK characters, and some exciting plans across the Marvel Universe!

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