Marvel Announces Winter Soldier Return

Bucky Barnes is looking for redemption once again as Marvel brings back the Winter Soldier.

Bucky Barnes is an interesting part of the Marvel tapestry. For four decades, he was the hands-off part of Captain America’s backstory. As Marvel and its fans were concerned, you could bring back nearly any dead character, but leave Uncle Ben, Gwen Stacy, and Bucky Barnes the hell alone. Finally, Ed Brubaker brought him back as the Winter Soldier and absolutely pulled it off. It was one of those “shoot at the king, you best not miss” situations and he totally didn’t miss.

Despite being a hit character, Bucky has had a hard time being the star of his own book. He was Captain America for a while, and that was certainly successful, but he spent it in Steve Rogers’ shadow and things didn’t end up so well for him. He had a couple of miniseries and then finally got a run as some kind of space assassin that everyone’s already forgotten about. He became the leader of the Thunderbolts, which was a fantastic idea, but went absolutely nowhere.

But Bucky is pretty important and is probably getting his own movie at some point, so it’s time for another shot. This time we’re getting Kyle Higgins and Rod Reis with Winter Soldier #1, coming out this December.

The hook of this one is that after years of moping about what he was forced to do as a mind-wiped, frozen assassin, Bucky has finally accepted that his accomplishments have earned him some sort of redemption. Now he’s on the road, looking for others to redeem.

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Huh. This might be a better Thunderbolts story than that comic that was literally about Bucky running the Thunderbolts.

“As someone with quite a bit of experience writing grown up sidekicks, I know firsthand how important it is to define the character outside of their relationship with their mentor,” said Higgins in a statement. “Since being freed from Soviet brainwashing, Bucky has done a massive amount of work to atone for his sins–becoming Captain America, spending time in the Gulag, dying to save the world… in many ways, he’s found redemption. So, what’s next for him? He’s going to help other people do the same.”

“To be able to work with a character that has such a rich legacy and striking visual identity is really exciting,” added Reis. “Taking Bucky forward and building a world unique to him – one that still respects his past – is an artist’s dream. I can’t wait for people to see what we’ve come up with.”

“As someone who grew up loving sidekicks, I’ve been fascinated by Bucky Barnes for as long as I’ve been reading comics,” said Higgins. “Then, in 2005, I fell in love with the character all over again thanks to Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting’s incredible Winter Soldier run. Now, along with one of my favorite artists in comics, I’m thrilled to be taking Bucky Barnes on his next journey.”

Winter Soldier #1 arrives on December 5.

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