Logan’s X-23 Gets New Marvel Series

Laura Kinney sheds the Wolverine name and goes back to her original identity of X-23 with a new series.

Ah, the temporary replacement. One of comics’ big tropes. A major hero will die or retire or whatever and someone will take up the mantle. People will get bent out of shape for it even though it’s pretty obvious that the original hero is just on break and will be back sooner than later. If anything, it’s a way to see writers throw ideas against the wall and see what sticks in an industry where creating new characters out of the void isn’t always viable.

And for the record, Dick Grayson was the best Batman. Fight me.

One of the latest superhero vacations is Wolverine. He died a few years ago and all the Wolverine knockoffs came flying out of the woodwork. Old Man Logan, Daken, Sabretooth, and – of course – X-23. Laura Kinney took up the mantle of Wolverine and with it came a sweet, sweet series by Tom Taylor that introduced her sassy little girl clone Honey Badger, who is kinda sorta Marvel’s attempt to capitalize on Laura’s cinematic appearance.

Well, OG Wolverine is back and doing important mainstream Marvel stuff. That means Laura has several choices on her future path. She could be the “other” Wolverine. She could turn evil. She could get killed off. She could fade into obscurity and maybe join a superhero team that won’t last six issues. Being that she’s actually a popular creation, she’ll go with the other option of stepping down as Wolverine and picking up another name. Er, or going back to her original superhero name.

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While Taylor’s All-New Wolverine is winding down, we prepare for X-23 #1 to come out this July. All-New Wolverine regular artist Juann Cabal will be returning, but the new writer will be Mariko Tamaki. There’s no word yet on what kind of direction Tamaki will be taking X-23, but apparently Honey Badger and her talking pet wolverine Jonathan will still be around.

As it is right now, Laura is working alongside a former terrorist organization called Orphans of X who exist to bring justice against the Weapon X beings used to kill their loved ones. The soon-to-be-former Wolverine is currently all about bringing closure both to the victims and to herself by bringing down those truly responsible for those tragedies.

We’ll see if that’s still a thing come July.

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