Lobo Gets a New 52 Makeover From DC Comics

Lobo, the interstellar badass who has stood toe-to-toe with any number of DC heavy hitters has a new look. A really...erm...handsome new look?

Well…this is certainly different. Lobo has lost some weight, gone to a stylist, maybe seen a personal trainer, and taken some fashion tips from the cast of Twilight. We’d say this was controversial, but, y’know, that other announcement has kind of set the bar for what can be considered controversial around here this week. Justice League #23.2, part of DC’s Villains Month (which arrives any second now) gives us the new, “real” story behind this new look for ol’ Lobo. In case you aren’t quite sure what to make of Lobo’s transformation, we’ve got a little official info from Bob Harras at DC Comics:

“The Lobo you’ve seen so far in the New 52 is not who you think he is. In this one-shot, you’ll be introduced to the real Lobo. A ruthless killer, Lobo is on a quest to kill the man who has taken his name. This Lobo is equal parts strong, vicious, and driven. There’s a darker and more logical idea about what a force of nature like him is capable of. After all, this is someone who can infiltrate high society, fly a space ship, and adhere to a very specific moral code that’s not your typical anti-hero one.”

Be warned, bastiches…while the first two images here might look like the Lobo you know and love, it’s the NEXT two that might confuse you a little bit! Either way, with Kenneth Rocafort’s art, you can’t really complain too much, can you? The guy can make anything look cool!

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Source: DC Comics

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