Kraven the Hunter Spider-Man Spinoff Reportedly Taps The Equalizer 2 Writer

Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff movie endeavors appear to be contemplating Kraven the Hunter, since a writer was reportedly named.

Marvel's Kraven the Hunter

Kraven the Hunter might be movie-bound for a Sony solo effort.

The October-scheduled Venom, starring Tom Hardy, will serve as Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man spinoff canary in the box office coal mine for several mooted Marvel movie projects. However, the studio’s universe-expanding ambitions might be too urgent to await the outcome of that experiment, since it appears that another rogues gallery cinematic centerpiece in Kraven the Hunter is getting behind-the-scenes momentum. Indeed, Collider reporting that Sony has appointed The Equalizer 2 scribe Richard Wenk to write the script.

Wenk, primarily an action movie screenwriter, wrote the 2014 Denzel Washington-starring, 1980s TV series-adapting actioner, The Equalizer, and its just-released sequel. He’s also banked scripts for Tom Cruise action sequel Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, 2016 Western remake The Magnificent Seven, 80s action icons sequel The Expendables 2, Jason Statham actioner The Mechanic and Bruce Willis thriller 16 Blocks.

Sergei Kravinoff, a.k.a. Kraven the Hunter, is one of Spider-Man’s earliest recurring villains, marking his first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #15, dated August 1964. He’s a Russian big game hunter who develops an obsession with making the already-famous Spider-Man into his next trophy. Kraven is an A-list antagonist and – with Doctor Octopus, Electro, the Sandman, the Vulture and Mysterio – formed the first lineup of the Sinister Six. He also happened to be the center of one of the darkest Spider-Man comic storylines, 1987’s “Kraven’s Last Hunt,” which culminated in the character’s suicide; a watershed moment for the comic industry, just as DC was about to come to the table with Batman: The Killing Joke.

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Marvel's The Sinister Six Spider-Man Villains

Of course, Kraven would be resurrected, remaining a thorn in Spidey’s side in myriad comic iterations, and Black Panther director Ryan Coogler even revealed that he (unsuccessfully,) attempted to procure Kraven as the film’s villain.

Consequently, it will be interesting to see what Wenk – a scribe of gritty crime movies – would bring to the table with a Kraven the Hunter movie, which, like Venom, would presumably operate under a context that’s removed from his rivalry with Spider-Man, despite his innate connection to the Wall-Crawler. However, it has been apparent for a while that Sony was eyeing Kraven for something. Last year, reports surfaced that the studio was considering both Kraven the Hunter and master of illusion Mysterio for solo efforts. Of course, Mysterio would become spoken for when the Tom Holland-starring sequel, Spider-Man: Far from Home, cast A-list actor Jake Gyllenhaal for the role.

While we’ll have to wait for the box office numbers of Venom to get a better gauge on moviegoers’ feelings about Sony’s cold introduction Spider-Man-less villain spinoff movies, it’s a concerning endeavor that seems to be putting the crossover cart before the franchise horse. This is especially the case as the projects are piling up, consisting of offerings such as the Jared Leto-headlining Morbius (the Living Vampire), Silk (a female hero imbued with similar powers to Spidey) and the recently-shelved Silver & Black (a female-led team-up of Black Cat and Silver Sable).

Regardless, we will keep you updated on Sony’s Kraven the Hunter project as the developments occur!

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