Kevin Smith Says WB/DC Superhero List Is True?

In a weekly podcast, Kevin Smith seems to suggest that Nikki Finke's hyped "list" on upcoming WB/DC superhero movies is true.

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In the world of internet shenanigans and other assorted online skullduggery, it is hard to ascertain what is true and when someone is pulling your leg. Thus even when Nikki Finke, the founder of Hollywood trade site Deadline, revealed last week in the inaugural story for her new site that Warner Bros. has seven DC superhero movies planned between now and 2018, there was some skepticism and apprehension all around.

Yet, it appears that we might have a confirmation on it sooner than we think. Finke claimed that the DC Cinematic Universe movie slate, which begins in earnest with 2016’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and purportedly carries into 2017’s Justice League, would be unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con later this year. However, one filmmaker with big ties to the project and an even bigger mouth might have let the cat out of the bag early.

Director and media personality Kevin Smith took to his weekly podcast Monday, Hollywood Babble-On, to discuss the new breaking rumor about WB’s plans that he is at least somewhat privy to. After all, he famously gushed about the new short-eared Batman costume before fans got a glimpse, and even hosted a Zack Snyder and Amy Adams online meet-and-greet with fans earlier this year. On Finke’s scooped DC line-up, Smith had this to say when his podcast partner Ralph Garman said Finke claims to have the layout for all the upcoming DC films.

“So do I…because I know people, motherfucker. I’m not allowed to say, but they showed me…I looked at your list, and I was like ‘Yeah, that’s what I heard. That’s what I was told.’ It’s cool.”

That would seem to be fairly ambiguous as Smith acts on the linked audio clip like he is keeping his cards close to his vest. But then again, he did seem to say Garman’s list is true. Supposedly, we’ll know for sure come next month’s Comic-Con.

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