Justice Society of America Returning to DC Universe

The Justice Society of America will finally return to the DC Universe in September in the pages of Justice League.

Justice League #31 Cover Features Justice Society of America

The Justice Society is getting a big push from DC Comics, and they’ll be making their return to regular continuity in the pages of Scott Snyder’s Justice League.

The classic World War II superhero team will be joining the flagship DC title in September as part of the next big storyline: The Justice/Doom War. “I can’t tell you how honored and thrilled I am to be able to reintroduce them to mainline continuity. I’ve been waiting to do it for months and months and months and months and months – really, since we did Metal,” Snyder told Newsarama.

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But Snyder told us even more about his plans for the JSA, as well.

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“JSA is going to be insane,” Snyder promises. “It really is like characters across the entire DCU, the history and the future of the DCU. I won’t give away too much, but I will say you’re gonna see a lot of characters that I think you’ll be happy to see and they’ll be fighting across the entire timescape of the DCU.”

The importance of finally getting to put the JSA firmly back in the post-Rebirth DC Universe hasn’t been lost on the writer, either.

“It is a huge honor and a thrill to get to bring them into mainline continuity and I think that people will be really excited by the plans that we have for them,” he says. “I have a very full take and story for them beyond Justice/Doom War that I’m planning on building right now with an artist. I want to do something really special that investigates the origins of the team and shows why they formed in the first place [and] who formed them. We’ll really explore the heroism and the tragedy of being the first superhero team at a time when the world is falling apart.”

The original Justice Society of America was first introduced in 1940 and included the earliest versions of a slew of DC’s premier characters – Green Lantern, the Flash, Hawkman, and others. They disappeared from continuity mid-Golden Age, only to be written back in in the early ’60s as inhabitants of a parallel Earth in the pages of The Flash“The Flash of Two Worlds” established the concept of the DC multiverse and cemented the JSA as a beloved superteam, setting the stage for multiple beloved stories like Crisis on Infinite Earths, James Robinson’s Golden Age, and his and Geoff Johns‘ reintroduction of the team in the late ’90s.

Most recently, they were featured in the pages of Johns’ and Gary Frank’s Doomsday Clock – as part of Dr. Manhattan’s “experiments” with the metaverse and its implications for wider DC Universe continuity. While the team has been absent from the “main” DC Universe Earth since the New 52 era, characters have been popping in and out since DC Rebirth, with Jay Garrick and Johnny Thunder showing up in the Batman/Flash crossover “The Button.” Here’s what DC’s saying about the September issues of Justice League:

JUSTICE LEAGUE #31written by SCOTT SNYDER and JAMES TYNION IVart by JORGE JIMENEZcover by FRANCIS MANAPUL  variant cover by JULIAN TOTINO TEDESCO “The Justice Doom War” part two! The culmination of Lex Luthor’s plan hinges on his beating the Justice League to the prize, ratcheting up the peril as the Year of the Villain continues! The Totality has shattered and its pieces have been tossed across space and time. Thus, the Justice League must also split apart, forming three search teams to comb the past, present, and future to re-combine the Totality before the Legion of Doom can get its villainous hands on the cosmic weapon. What allies will our heroes find in these other timelines? In the future, it’s the Last Boy on Earth, Kamandi! But in the past, there are the familiar faces of the Justice Society of America! ON SALE 09.04.19

JUSTICE LEAGUE #32written by SCOTT SNYDER and JAMES TYNION IVart by HOWARD PORTER  cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL  card stock variant cover by OLIVIER COIPEL “The Justice Doom War” part three! Things are getting dangerous across the time stream. On one side of time, the Justice League team finds heroic purpose; on the other, it’s a future full of chaos and trial. It’s the Totality in action. If they can’t stop Lex’s Legion across all fronts, there may be only one other option: embrace Doom!ON SALE 09.18.19

Underreported but no less important is the reveal that Howard Porter, currently demolishing it in Joshua Williamson’s The Flash on art, will be joining Snyder and James Tynion IV in Justice League. That will be one gorgeous book. And any time we can get a Kamandi appearance, we’re happy.

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Justice League #31 Cover Features Justice Society of America
Justice League #32

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