Justice League Trailer Analysis

It certainly LOOKS lighter than the other DC movies...here's what we learned from that Justice League SDCC footage.

Justice League DCEU Poster

After taking a several-years-long beating for the grim tone of their cinematic offerings, it looks like DC is turning a joy corner. Their next movie, Suicide Squad, came out of nowhere with their Hall H footage last year and the excellent Queen-set trailer. And Wonder Woman, their big 2017 release, has at the very least a lighter color palate.

But what about Justice League, the biggest movie DC could possibly make? Well, they brought it to Comic Con this year, and we’ve picked over the footage to see what we can figure out about the movie.

The first scene is the most confusing of them all: it has Ben Affleck talking to a fishing village about a man who comes from the sea bringing them fish, but none of the villagers are Portuguese. Yes that was a New Bedford, Massachusetts joke, and yes that will be the last Boston joke in the entire article.

Seriously, they’re talking about Aquaman. You can see Geoff Johns’ hand here – since the New 52, Johns has been working hard to make him a man of the people, and turning him into ocean farmer Robin Hood fits with that characterization. This scene gives us our first glimpse of Jason Momoa as Arthur.

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice viewers will know this as a Mother Box, the primary means of transportation between the Fourth World (Apokalips and New Genesis, home to Darkseid and Highfather respectively) being buried by…

That is totally King Arthur, and I bet you the dude with the spear and the horns is Sir Bors. They probably most recently appeared in Demon Knights, but they were best in Seven Soldiers of Victory, where the Knights of the Round Table fought an invasion from evil Faeries and lost, only to have Sir Ystina, the Shining Knight, help save the world in the present day. If Justice League Dark ever happens, I BET *slaps table for emphasis* this is a big part of it.

Batman narrates most of the trailer, so he starts talking about “assembling a team of warriors” as the White Stripes play and we see a new-ish looking costume for Wonder Woman. While that feels pretty derivative at this point…



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We also get our first look at Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, who we’ll see plays much closer to his character in Trainwreck than stodgy old Barry from the comics.

And Vic Stone, who will soon become Cyborg. The CCU on his jacket is probably for Central City University, meaning they’ve aged him up a little bit – in the comics, he was originally introduced as a high schooler and a member of Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s essential New Teen Titans.

In the New 52, he was retconned in as a founding member of the Justice League whose horrible accident was the result of a boom tube problem and not a slime monster his father accidentally created. This is what his origin will look like here as well (see: BvS for details).

We’ve already pointed out that the Flash is watching Rick & Morty. This is such a clever reference to the multiverse that I can’t believe it made it into the footage. What else can we spot in the cave?

The only extended conversation sequences in the footage are between Batman and Wonder Woman when they talk about bringing Aquaman on board, and between Batman and Barry, where Barry plays like a hyperactive Peter Parker, and I am remarkably okay with all of the joking here. If I spent two and a half hours watching Batman murder his way through Metropolis I might be concerned with a glib Bruce Wayne being a little out of character, but guess who isn’t carrying that baggage with him!

We also get to see Flash dodge a batarang, look incredulously at Bruce Wayne for throwing it, then pluck it out of the air. Ezra Miller is definitely a highlight of the footage.

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Hey what do you think Cyborg’s polygon count is? Does that joke date me?

We also get a look at Flash in costume, and it somehow looks less practical than the TV version. But it’s still fine, just a little mechanical. The only other thing of note in the trailer is Batman telling Arthur Curry “I hear you can talk to fish,” which is how you can tell this was written by Geoff Johns, since that line appeared in some form or another in at least the first 10 issues of New 52 Aquaman. Justice League is in theaters in November of 2017. What did you think?