Justice League: No Justice Sets Up Future of DC Universe

Justice League: No Justice will shake up the superhero roster and the creative teams.

Metal is only the beginning. DC Comics has been exploring the darkest corners of the multiverse with Metal over the last few months, and with that series entering its final lap, it’s time to look ahead. After all, a comic book event is only as good as its repercussions, right? Well one of those repercussions is going to be a new family of Justice League titles, spearheaded by Scott Snyder taking over writing duties on the main title.

But first, there’s a mini-series. Justice League: No Justice will be a four-issue weekly comic event from Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson, and Francis Manapul. There will be additional spinoffs afterwards written by Tynion and Williamson.

Here’s the official synopsis from DC:

The super-villain Brainiac arrives on Earth with a dire warning for the Justice League: there’s a threat coming to destroy Earth, one that the heroes are ill-equipped to handle.  Brainiac thinks he holds the key to victory, but it means combining members of the League with some of the most dangerous villains in the DC Universe and sending them into battle against this extinction-level menace. The stakes are at their absolute highest; if one of these teams fail. It’s game over. 

The timing of Brainiac’s inclusion is notable. For one thing, Brainiac remains the most underused, underexplored, and underappreciated villain in the DC pantheon, and he hasn’t had a truly great moment in the spotlight since Geoff Johns’ and Gary Franks’ excellent Brainiac story from a few years ago. If you haven’t read that yet, please do, because it’s the Superman III we wish we had gotten. Anyway, Brainiac is also going to be a primary villain on the upcoming Krypton TV show, so it’s about time we had some twelfth level threats back in comics.

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We thought we knew the entire map of the DC cosmos,” Scott Snyder said in a statement from DC. “We thought we had explored all there was to explore. But now we know that all this time the Multiverse was nothing but a fishbowl, and now we’ve been dumped into the ocean, unleashing terrifying new threats, and wondrous new possibilities. Metal opened up channels of storytelling that Francis, James, Joshua and I are excited to explore in a big way. When we’re finished, fans will never look at the Justice League in the same way again.”

I’m laying out the biggest action of my life,” added Francis Manapul. “The Justice League realizes that they need to expand their reach to become something bigger than they have ever been before. If you thought my work for Justice League: Darkseid War was huge, I’m taking the League to the edge of the cosmos with No Justice. Anyone who has asked for Harley Quinn, Martian Manhunter, Starfire, Zatanna, the Atom, Raven, or Doctor Fate to be in their personal Justice League will stand up and cheer.”

The only possible bad news about this is it means that the current Justice League creative team of Christopher Priest and Pete Woods’ days are numbered, as the book has been better under them than it has been in years. On the other hand, it’s tough to complain about Scott Snyder stepping in with a still unnamed artist on Justice League. Maybe the excellent Francis Manapul will stick around for art duties there, as well.

We’ll start getting answers as we get closer to the release of Justice League: No Justice #1 on May 9.