Justice League: No Justice Brings Vril Dox Back to DC Universe

Vril Dox hasn't been around DC Universe continuity in a long time. Justice League: No Justice changes that. Here's an exclusive preview.

Justice League: No Justice, the follow up to Dark Nights: Metalhas been more compressed than its predecessor, but equally bonkers. Consider:

– Brainiac captured members of the two Justice Leagues, the various Titans, a couple of magic users, and the Suicide Squad to help him “save” his home planet, Colu.

– Brainiac teamed the heroes with a group of villains that includes Sinestro, Lex Luthor, and STARRO THE MFING CONQUEROR before breaking everyone off into separate groups.

– Turns out Colu is being attacked by a group of Celes…elder beings from beyond the Source Wall (which, of course, was broken in Metal).

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– Amanda Waller has every psychic on Earth try and pry into Brainiac’s mind to find out what he’s up to.

– Waller accidentally kills Brainiac.

– Waller finds a Death See…sorry, the roots of the elders’ next harvest on Earth.

– The team ups attempt to save Colu by breaking Vril Dox, Brainiac’s son, out of supermax.

This is all wonderful. Of course, Dox is a predecessor of the great Brainiac 5 from the Legion of Superheroes, and a founder of the Licensed Extra Governmental Interstellar Operatives Network (or the L.E.G.I.O.N.). He hasn’t really appeared in continuity since the New 52 relaunch, but he’s so steeped in DC’s weird, glorious space stuff that it wasn’t until his appearance at the end of issue 2 that it clicked that we’re really doing this space thing, and I am HERE for it.

In this exclusive preview of Justice League: No Justice #3 sent over by DC, we pick up right after that reveal, with Dox telling the Earthers that they were betrayed from the start and Martian Manhunter getting all melancholy with Starro the Emotionally Mature Partner in Telepathy. Here’s what they have to say about the issue:

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JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE #3Written by SCOTT SNYDER, JAMES TYNION IV and JOSHUA WILLIAMSON Art by RILEY ROSSMO and MARCUS TO Cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL Starfire makes a crushing discovery, Beast Boy uncovers a shocking betrayal, and Cyborg and Wonder Woman are forced to make decisions that will have devastating repercussions for all four teams…and potentially for those they left behind on Earth.

Take a look at this preview, and try not to beg DC to give Riley Rossmo every book in their line.