Justice League: Ezra Miller on Why Society Needs Superhero Myths

During a press conference we attended, Justice League's Ezra Miller gives a thoughtful answer for why folks need superheroes today.

Superheroes are everywhere in media nowadays. Be it in film, television, video games, or even that increasingly rare comic book, you can’t escape the masked do-gooders. Not that many would. Ezra Miller certainly would not. Sitting next to his on and off-screen brother-in-masks, Ben Affleck, at the London press conference for Justice League, Miller is genuinely beaming at the prosect of being the latest onscreen ambassador for the Flash–as well as rocking his Batman T-shirt. Thus when the queson of why people are turning to superheroes for escapism in the 21st century came up, Miller had a pretty insightful answer stored up.

The insight followed after his Justice League co-star, Gal Gadot, said, “In the real world, we don’t fight monsters, we don’t have alien attacks. It’s us creating the problem.”

Miller agreed with Gadot before adding, “Human beings are an existential crisis, and there’s no guarantee that humanity will be here in a hundred years or 200 years, because we are facing real existential threats. Like Gal says, those threats come from us. Like we created climate change, we created nuclear war. And we do overcome differences in order to get around. Otherwise, it’s game over on humanity. So I think it’s a great time to make superhero movies and groups of superhero movies, and start actually addressing in more meaningful and solid ways, but also in the world of fantasy and fiction, how we’re actually going to accelerate our processes and be able to save our own skin.”

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It was a thoughtful answer and one of the more intriguing moments during our time with the Justice League team. It also suggested that these guys are driven by more than just special effects.

Justice League opens on Nov. 17.