Hellboy III is Not Happening, Guillermo del Toro Confirms

While director Guillermo del Toro had hopes for Hellboy III, it was apparently nixed before it got off the ground.

Hellboy fans had a ray of hope last month when the film franchise’s writer/director Guillermo del Toro suddenly took to Twitter with a poll (albeit a rigged one,) designed to gauge the interest of a potential audience for a long-belated third film entry. After an enthusiastic, “Hell, yes,” dominated over a tepid, but positive, “Yes,” del Toro again whetted appetites with a subsequent tweet promising a sit-down with star Ron Perlman and creator Mike Mignola. Unfortunately, del Toro’s latest Twitter update was no so auspicious.

— Guillermo del Toro (@RealGDT) February 21, 2017

Del Toro took to Twitter this morning, officially revealing that plans for Hellboy III were cancelled before they even formally started. Sounding dejected, del Toro broke that bit of bad news in a way akin to ripping off a Band-Aid, quickly and with a sobering sense of finality, stating, “100% the sequel will not happen.” While del Toro didn’t reveal why Hellboy III was nixed, it does seem that some unforgiving practical realities arose during del Toro’s sit-down with key Hellboy personnel. Moreover, it is worth noting that back in October star Ron Perlman stated that he was too busy to tackle a prospective Hellboy III, though he did leave a little leeway, also saying that he’d be up for it “one day.”

Yet, it does seem that the “one day” in which Perlman – now 66 years-old – dons the cumbersome red makeup and prosthetics to again become cinema’s favorite cigar-chomping, hard-drinking hell-spawn won’t be happening, probably ever. Besides Perlman’s unavailability, Del Toro’s docket isn’t exactly flexible, with directorial projects in an upcoming dark-styled animated version of Pinocchio and romantic fantasy film The Shape of Water to go along with projects to which he’s attached as producer such as film sequel Pacific Rim: Uprising, dark DC superhero team-up Justice League Dark and the imminently-concluding FX series The Strain.

Del Toro’s 2004 original Hellboy – adapting Mike Mignola’s macabre Dark Horse comic series – was an arguably paradigmatic cinematic offering arriving about 4 years before the current epoch of comic book movies. While it didn’t exactly break the bank with a $99 million global take on the back of a hefty $66 million budget, fan enthusiasm and del Toro’s willpower incited an unlikely 2008 sequel Hellboy II: The Golden Army, which performed a lot better with $160 million global on the back of an $85 million budget. With the franchise being dormant for nearly a decade, it’s reasonable to assume that an evolving budget/expected-gross ratio and an over-crowded comic book film scene were additional factors in the preemptive demise of Hellboy III.

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Regardless, it’s a disappointing day for Hellboy fans and del Toro.

Our original article below as it appeared on January 18, 2017:

Guillermo del Toro Wants You to Vote on the Fate of Hellboy 3

When it comes to long-buried sequels that totally should still happen, Hellboy 3 is at the top of the list. I know it, you know it, Ron Perlman knows it, and Mike Mignola knows it. Best of all, monster movie auteur Guillermo del Toro knows it. Which is why he’s launched a new poll on Twitter to get this doomed sequel made:

— Guillermo del Toro (@RealGDT) January 18, 2017

As you can see, the only real answer is “Yes.” What’s the catch to this very one-sided poll? Del Toro has promised to sit down with lead actor Perlman and Mignola, creator of Hellboy, to talk about the long-gestating third movie that can’t seem to find that precious green light – if the poll gets enough votes.

— Guillermo del Toro (@RealGDT) January 18, 2017

Of course, this is in no way an indication that this movie will get made, as it would still have to find a studio to call home. It just means that del Toro is considering sitting down to start figuring out how the story could continue. This is definitely encouraging though, considering that only a few months ago Perlman suggested Hellboy 3 was dead because they were all just too busy to get back to work on this. 

And it’s not like del Toro is less busy than he was back in October. He’s in the middle of filming his new movie, The Shape of Water (which is coincidentally a movie about a fish man who sounds a lot like Abe Sapien), and producing the Pacific Rim sequel. He’s also working on a movie adaptation based on the classic children’s book Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. There’s also that long-gestating vampire wrestler indie film, tentatively titled “Silver,” which del Toro is dying to make. Even if something good were to come out of del Toro’s meeting with Perlman and Mignola, Hellboy 3 would still be a way’s away. 

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But, if you’re one of those fans dying to see the sequel finally happen, you can at least let your voice be heard on del Toro’s Twitter.

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