Hail Hydra Website Redirects To White House

Nothing surprises us anymore, not even Hydra taking over the White House.

For a brief distraction, feel free to hit up www.hail-hydra.com, a simple redirect and a fairly obvious joke that takes on a new dimension when put in the context of the increasingly bizarre comedy that is American politics.

In the pages of Marvel Comics at the moment, the controversial Secret Empire story is unfolding, in which it has been revealed that Captain America was actually a Hydra sleeper agent this entire time, and has now come forward to seize control of the Marvel Universe. This is, of course, coincidental, as Marvel has nothing to do with the Hail-Hydra.com domain, and there are no real world parallels to this.

Hydra is an evil secret society and Nazi offshoot that has operated in the shadows of the Marvel Universe since World War II, but let’s be realistic. President Trump isn’t a supervillain, a member of a shadowy secret society, or an evil genius (or any kind of genius for that matter). And while Captain America is indeed a strong man, Donald Trump is fond of strongmen of an entirely different variety, especially ones who operate without masks and who use real names like Putin and Duterte.

Anyway, the idea that outside forces could somehow manipulate our government is, of course, way too far-fetched for even us to believe. No need to go mixing politics and entertainment, after all.

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