Green Lantern Movie News Update: Tyrese Gibson for John Stewart?

Is Tyrese Gibson playing


Tyrese Gibson, who has been working all the social media angles in an attempt to land the role of Green Lantern, is now teasing that there’s a ring in his future.

After an initial post on his Instagram page depicting him as John Stewart teasing “shit just got real,” another post claimed that “#TheOath has been taken.” 

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Gibson, and you can see his non-denial here.

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This is starting to sound an awful lot like the Rock and the Shazam movie. In the leadup to last year’s SDCC, Dwayne Johnson took to social media to tease his involvement in the Shazam movie, perhaps hoping to force an announcement from Warner Bros. at the con. Johnson’ involvement was already in the bag, it just took a little longer for it to get the official word from up top.

With Warner Bros. looking to make a big splash for their DC cinematic universe at this year’s con, it’s a safe bet that the mystery of Tyrese Gibson as Green Lantern John Stewart will officially be solved by then, if not sooner. We have some more details about the possible shape of the new Green Lantern movie below.

Here’s our original story from June 24th…

It’s no accident that when Warner Bros. released their DC superhero movie calendar that Green Lantern was the furthest off in the future, with a June 19th, 2020 release date. Doing this serves two purposes: it puts as much distance as possible between this and Martin Campbell’s 2011 failed franchise starter, it would allow audiences to get used to whichever new Green Lantern is introduced in the Justice League movies, and it would buy the studio time to figure out a new direction for the franchise.

There are now the first indications of what that direction will take. Instead of focusing on a single Green Lantern, the new film may very well be a Green Lantern Corps movie, dealing with at least three of the Earth based Green Lanterns; Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Guy Gardner.

That’s certainly a different enough approach, and since Earth is a pretty small playground for guys with cosmic powers, I’d imagine that this means the new series will take a more cosmic approach to things. This will also allow them to focus on different Lanterns in future movies, and perhaps let the one best suited to a particular job show up in assorted Justice League flicks. It probably removes any burdensome origin stories from the equation, too.

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We still don’t know which of those Green Lanterns will be introduced in the upcoming Justice League movies, though. Tyrese Gibson has been campaigning for the John Stewart role pretty heavily on social media, and Common (who was actually cast as Stewart in George Miller’s Justice League: Mortal movie) has said he’d be willing to give it another shot, but has since been cast in the Suicide Squad movie in an undisclosed role. Chris Pine may have been in the running for Hal Jordan, but has instead taken the role of Wonder Woman love interest, Steve Trevor.

If there’s been any movement on casting, Warner Bros. isn’t talking, but since it sounds like they’re planning a pretty hefty superhero presentation at SDCC in a couple of weeks, that might be what they’re saving it for.

Source: Collider