Green Lantern Corps Needs a New Writer

DC's Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps will need a new writer this summer.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps has been one of DC Comics’ many gems lately. The most recent arc, for example, has featured Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner taking on General Zod and family. If the idea of the Green Lantern Corps versus Superman’s Phantom Zone criminals doesn’t excite you at least a little bit, well, I have to question if you were ever 10 years old. That story wraps up later this month with issue #41, but it turns out that it’s not the only ending in store for the book.

Robert Venditti, who has been one of the primary stewards of DC’s Green Lantern line for the last few years, just announced that he’s bringing his run to a close with Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #50 this summer. Mr. Venditti revealed the news on Twitter.

Venditti took over as primary Green Lantern writer after Geoff Johns wrapped his own nine year run on the character, which saw the entire mythology of the Green Lantern Corps examined and redefined. That’s a tough act to follow, but Venditti did it admirably, picking up the baton for the remainder of that series, and then sticking with the Corps through DC’s Rebirth relaunch in 2016. 

Venditti has already been announced as writer of DC’s Hawkman reboot (with Bryan Hitch on art) and is currently working on Damage (with Danny Miki and Tony S. Daniel on art). He also teased that there are “more projects waiting to be announced.” With DC shaking up many of its creative teams across their publishing line this summer (Superman and Justice League have both seen major announcements), it will be interesting to see what other title Venditti lands on…and who replaced him here.

Venditti’s departure raises other questions, as well. Is Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps ending with issue 50 and relaunching with a new first issue? Obviously, new first issue or not, there’s a new creative team incoming. There is a Green Lantern Corps movie tentatively scheduled for July 24, 2020, which means DC would do well to make a big splash on the publishing end to get the team back in the public eye. Whoever takes over the reins has their work cut out for them if they’re going to follow nine years of Geoff Johns, Robert Venditti, and the talented artists who have been shepherding DC’s cosmic police force for so long.

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We’ll keep you updated on Mr. Venditti’s grand finale for his Green Lantern run, as well as what’s next for the team as we get more details.