Gotham TV Series News Round-Up

Ben McKenzie and Bruno Heller have revealed more details about the upcoming Gotham TV series.


We won’t see Gotham, FOX’s TV series about Jim Gordon’s life in a corrupt city before he had a masked vigilante to lean on until September or so. We have our suspicions that it will bow the same night as the Sleepy Hollow season 2 premiere on September 22nd. Until that time, we’re stuck with the trailer (which we’ve already obsessed over), and whatever bits we can pull out of various interviews.

Ben McKenzie plays Jim Gordon, and he’s been chatting with Entertainment Weekly about the show and the characters. He describes Gordon as “the last honest man in a city full of crooked people.” Expect Gotham City to take its toll on him, as well. “In this world, everybody lives in the grey. Everybody is on the take. Everybody is compromised. There is no way he’ll emerge unscathed from that.”

No need to worry about Gordon becoming to much of a boy scout, though. McKenzie understand how “that moral centeredness can come across as naivete unless the character is written to be as smart as everybody else in the room, if not smarter. It’s sort of that noir-ish thing — Phillip Marlow is going to stumble, and he’s not going to know what the criminals know. But he’s as smart as they are, if not smarter, and so he’s going to figure it out as he goes along.”

Meanwhile, speaking to the LA Times, showrunner Bruno Heller has promised that you’ll see as much as possible in that first episode of Gotham. “When it’s this big of a brand and a franchise, from a purely business point of view, you don’t want to hide your light under a bushel. We want the big names out there to bring people into the tent. Once they’re there, then things will get much more controlled.”

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Don’t expect to see the Joker that early, though. While that character is coming down the line, it’s clearly a reveal they’re looking to wait on.

Gotham will air Mondays at 8 PM on FOX this fall.

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