Flintstones #10 Exclusive Preview Pages

Clod the Destroyer goes to war with the Lizard People in the next issue of DC's The Flinstones.

Most of the time when these preview pages are offered to us, we gladly take them. DC’s been on a good run lately, and I haven’t had to fake enthusiasm for any of them. 

With that in mind, they sent over a preview of this week’s issue of The Flintstones, and, well, you can probably guess how that went.

You may already know that The Flintstonesis the funniest comic on stands. Even the crossover with Booster Gold last week, which is a flatly ridiculous concept, was perfect. Mark Russell has somehow managed to match his absurd satire to a setting that amplifies it through its simplicity, and he has an art partner in Steve Pugh who is an ideal fit for his blend of humor. Every issue is the best that week. 

And holy crap did you guys read the Snagglepuss backup in Suicide Squad/Banana Splits (a sentence I can’t believe I just typed)? Snagglepuss as a gay southern gothic playwright testifying in front of the House Unamerican Activities Committee (still can’t believe it) was unbelievable. Russell is a singular talent who should be a superstar. I can’t wait to keep reading his work.

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Here’s the official word from DC:

THE FLINTSTONES #10 Written by MARK RUSSELL Art by STEVE PUGH Cover by DENYS COWAN and BILL SIENKIEWICZ Variant cover by NICOLA SCOTT Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details. Bedrock is in ruins and its citizens believe their mayor, Clod the Destroyer, is to blame! Meanwhile, Bamm-Bamm develops his first crush. Can his best friend Pebbles help him get the girl?

Hit the gallery to check out the pages!