Eddie Brock is Back in Black in Venom #150

In May, a special anniversary issue will have Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote bond once again after going well over a decade apart.

Usually, rubber-banding back to the status quo is the least surprising development that can happen in a comic. Yes, guys like Wolverine, Xavier, Cyclops, and Bruce Banner are currently dead, but we all know that they’ll be back eventually. That’s just how these things work. That’s why, on the surface, it shouldn’t be that surprising that this May, Eddie Brock will once again become the host for Venom.

But get this: Eddie Brock’s been separated from the Venom symbiote since the end of 2004! That’s a long-ass time to skew from the classic formula. That’s almost as long as Jean Grey’s been dead!

Regardless, it’s time to take it home. The current series has the alien costume attached to criminal scumbag Lee Price and as of Venom #6, Eddie will be taking back his old liquid clothes. This will lead to Venom #150…because…um, if you add all of Venom’s comics they will hit roughly 150 issues. Presumably. Probably not, but it sounds cool.

The main story will be by Mike Costa and Tradd Moore, but we’ll also get some interesting backups. Robbie Thompson and Gerardo Sandoval – the creative team from Venom: Space Knight – will fill in the blanks over why Flash Thompson is no longer Venom’s host. Meanwhile, Eddie Brock creator David Michelinie and Ron Lim will tell a tale that takes place back in the early 90s when Venom was a violent vigilante.

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Although the alien costume was created in Secret Wars, Venom didn’t appear as a fully-formed concept until Amazing Spider-Man #300 in 1988. In 2004, Eddie Brock sold the symbiote to the mob while giving the money to charity. Eddie later became Anti-Venom, lost those powers, became the host for Toxin, gave up that symbiote during the Carnage series, and is now just on his own. As for the symbiote, it bounced around from Angelo Fortunato to Mac Gargan to Flash Thompson to currently Lee Price.

Coincidentally, both Eddie and the costume are more intent on being better beings, but we’ll see if that holds up when they’re once again bonded.

Venom #150 will be available this May.

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