Doomsday Clock: New Details Will Be Revealed at New York Comic Con Panel

Geoff Johns will bring fans the next pieces of info about the Watchmen meets the DC Universe event at NYCC!

DC continues counting down to Doomsday Clock, the culmination of nearly two years of storytelling that will see characters from Watchmen interacting with the main DCU for the first time in history. We have lots more details on Doomsday Clock right here if you need them, because right now, this is about getting fans to the next big reveal. Naturally, it will come at New York Comic-Con.

On Friday, October 6, at 6 pm, Doomsday Clock writer Geoff Johns will take the main stage at New York Comic-Con to fill fans in. DC ain’t saying much, but this is what they’re telling us right now:

During the panel, Johns will reveal the first pages of issue #1 and lead an in-depth discussion on how it all began, starting with his acclaimed DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH one-shot and leading to DOOMSDAY CLOCK this November. In addition, the audience will receive a limited-edition DOOMSDAY CLOCK item available only at the panel.

This sounds like it’s a little similar to the Geoff Johns talk at San Diego Comic-Con back in July, although there, everyone was a little more coy about revealing specifics about the massive Watchmen-centric event. With NYCC considerably closer to Doomsday Clock‘s November 22nd release date, it’s likely that we’ll get a more substantial taste of what’s coming. That panel certainly helped convince me a little about this concept, so the NYCC version should be suitably interesting, as well.

And of course, the latest image featuring art by the brilliant Gary Frank has Batman reading Rorschach’s journal…

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