Detective Comics #952 – Exclusive Preview Pages of New Batman Comic

This week's big Batman book is Detective Comics #952. We have your first look at the next issue of "League of Shadows"

DC sent over an exclusive first look at this week’s Detective Comics#952, the next issue in the big “League of Shadows” story arc. 

The best thing about the Batman comics right now is that the creators all seem to like the same stuff I do.* Tim Seeley and Javier Fernandez just did a love letter to the Grant Morrison/Frank Quitely Batman & Robinin the last issue of Nightwing; Tom King and David Finch are rehashing Knightfall (and Finch’s art has really never looked better); Gotham Academyis a way to trick middle grade readers into watching Batman: The Animated Serieswith their parents; and here in Detective Comics we get to spend time with all the mid-90s characters I grew to love when I was getting started collecting. Tynion and Barrows have spent a lot of time building out the Bat-family here – first with Tim Drake and Spoiler, then with Batwoman and Clayface, and now in this arc, which the series has been building to since the Rebirth renumbering, with Cassandra Cain and Azrael. This is an exciting, solid Bat-comic. Take a look.

*Actually, the best thing about the Batman books is that they’re all good stories told by skilled creators. Liking the same comics as me is the second best thing. 

Here’s the official synopsis:

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DETECTIVE COMICS #952 Written by JAMES TYNION IV Art by CHRISTIAN DUCE Cover by EDDY BARROWS and EBER FERREIRA Variant cover by RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details. “League Of Shadows” part three! Batman’s team faces the League of Shadows, which believes in only one thing: complete and utter destruction! The League’s plan for the city is revealed…but can even that secret compare to the bombshell that is the identity of Cassandra Cain’s mother?