Deathstroke Takes on New Super-Man This Week

Priest keeps making Deathstroke fight Super-Men in this exclusive preview.

Here’s the thing about Priest’s Deathstroke.

NO wait come back! I know we’ve not been lacking in praise for this run since it started a couple of years back. Thing is, it’s totally worth it. Priest is a genius writer who should be appreciated until the death of the medium for his brilliant character work wherever he goes.

He’s a comics neurosurgeon. His M.O. on a book is to slice off one component of the character, turn what’s left around a few times, display it, then put the slice back on so they’re whole again, but a little bit different. It’s particularly visible right now, when he’s doing the same thing to Deathstroke and the Justice League at the same time, only the storytelling results are wildly different between books: in Justice League, he’s taking parts of the team’s image off (having particular fun going at Batman, it seems).

Meanwhile, here in Deathstroke, he’s pulling pieces of Slade’s life and backstory apart, then seeing where he ends up before they get grafted back on. What he finds when he puts the pieces back together is always interesting, always some essence of the character that he gets to illuminate for a second before putting the toys back away so other people can play with them.

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That pattern looks to continue here, in this exclusive first look sent over by DC of Deathstroke #28. Here’s what DC has to say about the issue:

DEATHSTROKE #28 Written by CHRISTOPHER PRIESTArt by DIOGENES NEVES and TREVOR SCOTT Cover by RYAN SOOKVariant cover by SHANE DAVIS and MICHELLE DELECKI“Chinatown” part one! In the aftermath of the shocking events of this year’s Deathstroke Annual, Slade finds himself at a crossroads as his ad hoc “Dark Titans” team dissolves and even Wintergreen finally abandons him. Slade begins a turbulent backslide to his old ways, bringing him face to face with China’s New Super-Man!

We’ve lost his entire support structure, and now we get to watch him go at the Justice League of China. This should be good. Check it out.