Deathstroke & Robin Hit the Road Together

Does this exclusive Deathstroke #33 preview count as father/son bonding time?

We’ve talked at great length about how wonderful and unexpected Priest’s Deathstroke is. What we haven’t really discussed is how Priest foreshadowed binge culture with his writing style.

Priest writes knots. He starts in one place, spins and twists his characters around in so many different directions and configurations that it seems impossible to keep up with, and then masterfully untangles them when it would have maximum impact on the reader and never a second too late. He did this expertly in Black Panther, and it’s one of the most enjoyable things about Deathstroke. He will, 32 issues later, pay off something I didn’t even realize was being set up for a payoff, and it will feel incredible. This makes the book a more challenging read sometimes, not because the individual issues are difficult, but because it so rewards a binge reread to watch a master at work and there are only 24 hours in a day.

He’s doing it again here in this exclusive preview of Deathstroke #33. Right away we get references to Detective Comics #940, last issue, and all the way back to the first arc of the series. It took every ounce of self-restraint I had not to start pulling them out of my longboxes and start in on a reread right away.

Here’s what DC has to say about the issue:

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DEATHSTROKE #33 written by CHRISTOPHER PRIESTart by ED BENES and JASON PAZcover by ROBSON ROCHA and DANIEL HENRIQUESvariant cover by FRANCESCO MATTINAForced to team with Deathstroke, a man he loathes, Damian Wayne must discover the truth of his lineage. Is he really Bruce Wayne’s son, or is Slade Wilson his true father? As Batman draws closer to finding them both, Deathstroke must complete a hit, while Robin shadows the killer for hire.

I tried to hold off the urge, but in the end I was unsuccessful. For more on Deathstroke, stick with Den of Geek, and for now, check out these preview pages.