Deathstroke #23: Exclusive Preview

We have too many good things to say about Deathstroke these days, and this exclusive preview helps explain why.

Diogenes Neves is really talented. He’s been on our radar since the Zeb Wells “Utopia” era New Mutantsand the New 52 launch title, Demon Knights.He’s a great fit for Priest, whose non-comedy work is full of subtle humor that takes talent to land. And there isn’t really anything we can say about Priest that hasn’t already been said here. It takes a supremely talented writer to put his point right on the page, in the mouth of one of his characters, and pull it off. But that’s what he did at the end of the first year on this book, where he had Wintergreen point out that (spoilers) Deathstroke faked a hit on his own kid so he could spend more time with her. Now, to make up for being a bastard to a whole slew of kids, he’s manufacturing a super-team and putting them to work so he can spend time with them. 

DC Comics offered us an exclusive first look at the upcoming Deathstroke#23, and in keeping with standard practice, we shouted “YES” in a calm and measured voice. Here’s what they have to say about the issue:

DEATHSTROKE #23 Written by CHRISTOPHER PRIEST Art by DIOGENES NEVES and JASON PAZ Cover by RYAN SOOK “Defiance” part three! As the team begins to crack under Slade’s harsh leadership tactics, Defiance is called into action after a cruise ship gets hijacked on the open seas! It’s sink or swim for Deathstroke’s new squad when they’re put to the test against impossible odds!

This book is a classic. Read it now. Wait, look at the preview first. Then read the book.


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