DC’s Female Furies Puts Beautiful Dreamer Front and Center

Melo & Castellucci are still killing it on Female Furies, DC's latest update of Jack Kirby's Fourth World concepts.

DC Female Furies #3 Cover

I know we’ve been over this before, but Adriana Melo is something else, man.

In Female Furies #1, there was a really hardcore Jack Kirby vibe to the art. Melo’s faces especially had that Kirby smile on Heggra, with her lips peeled back off her mouth in what can only be understood as taking immense joy in someone else’s suffering. That is, of course, exactly what the King wanted conveyed about the monsters from Apokalips, so well done, right?

DC sent us over a preview of Female Furies #3, and we’ve moved past Kirby homage and into something all Melo’s own. Beautiful Dreamer (of the Forever People) has been captured by the Furies and Granny Goodness, and they’re using her powers to try and wipe impure thoughts of unnatural things like dancing from Aurelie’s brain. To do that, Dreamer puts everyone into their fantasies, and that gives us some tremendous figure work and inspired panel layouts.

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I’m a HUGE fan of the rotating page trick she used on page 3 to show all the other Furies’ dreams. I’m also an enormous fan of the Apokaliptian onesie she put Scott and Barda’s baby in, and there’s a small part of me that appreciated the cheesecakiness of that panel. I really love the Family Circus – style travel panel with Aurelie in the maze trying to find Dreamer. It’s almost always a good addition to a story, the kind of graphic storytelling only comics really can do. I loved it when Jamie McKelvie did it in Young Avengers and when people use it for twitter memes, and I love it here.

Here’s what DC has to say about this issue of Female Furies:

FEMALE FURIES #3 written by CECIL CASTELLUCCIart by ADRIANA MELOcover by NICOLA SCOTTThis issue, we’re trapped in the dreams of Beautiful Dreamer! The Forever People are Apokolips’ Most Wanted, and bringing one of them to the planet is treason all unto itself, so the fact that Granny’s plan to brainwash her Female Furies has backfired, Beautiful Dreamer is on the loose and the rogue Fury Aurelie is to blame can’t be good for anyone. Can Granny track down these fugitives before Darkseid discovers that his warrior women are the source of his army’s recent troubles in the war against New Genesis?

Take a look at the preview pages for yourself, and tell me if you agree in the comments!

DC Female Furies #3 Cover
DC's Female Furies #3 Preview Page 1
DC's Female Furies #3 Preview Page 2
DC's Female Furies #3 Preview Page 3
DC's Female Furies #3 Preview Page 4

DC's Female Furies #3 Preview Page 5