DC Comics Makes Pearl Into Regular Series

DC wants more Pearl, and the Scarlet TV series is getting a little closer to reality!

Saturday at the Brian Michael Bendis Spotlight Panel at New York Comic Con, co-creators of Jessica Jones writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos announced that their new Jinxworld series Pearl will become a regular series.

Pearl is the story of a Japanese tattoo artist trying to survive the world of the Yakuza underworld. “When the numbers on the first issues came in,” Bendis told the panel, “DC sent us to series.”

As for Gaydos, the artist said he is having the time of his life with Pearl. “I’m having so much fun experimenting,” the artist said. “I can only see it getting better.” When the series returns after the end of the first six issue arc, Pearl will travel to Japan. Gaydos called the series the “…hardest series I have ever worked on, but I’m having a blast.”

Pearl has received critical acclaim since its debut a few months ago and has become an exciting and worthy follow up to Bendis and Gaydos’ work at Marvel. But the Jinxworld goodness doesn’t end there, as Bendis provided an update on Scarlet was well. Bendis was joined on stage with his former Daredevil artist Alex Maleev and gave the fans a clue on what’s next for Scarlet both in comics and on TV. In the next arc of the comic series, Bendis informed, “Scarlet will have to survive an American Revolution on the streets of Portland.”

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As for the long in-development Scarlet TV series, Bendis teased, “I can’t say what network it’s going to be on because of NDAs, but I can say that the network features Shows when it’s Time.” Well, you certainly don’t have to be Nostradamus there do you?

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Scarlet should be a daring and controversial TV experience in the currnet political climate as it focuses on a young progressive revolutionary that goes up against government corruption in the city of Portland. Look for updates on Scarlet, the new Pearl series, and much more Jinxworld goodness in the coming months.

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