Blue Beetle #12: Exclusive First Look

Blue Beetle #12 features a Batman guest appearance, Ted Kord (as usual), and a bunch of shouting. Check out an exclusive first look...

DC Comics sent over an exclusive first look at the upcoming Blue Beetle #12 from Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, and Scott Kolins. Everybody already knows how great Giffen and DeMatteis are, but Scott Kolins has been an under the radar hero for years now. His style is impeccably clean and tight, and lends itself really well to both the bright, almost colored-pencil-ey colors he was frequently paired with in the past (on books like Annihilation: Prologueor Threshhold) or Romulo Fajardo’s more subdued but still bright color work here. He does great action scenes, and great facial expresssions and body language, which is why the Batman/Ted Kord scene in this preview works so well.

Here’s what DC has to say about the story:

BLUE BEETLE #12 Written by KEITH GIFFEN and J.M. DeMATTEIS • Art and cover by SCOTT KOLINS • Variant cover by TYLER KIRKHAM

Guest-starring Batman! Jaime Reyes may be back in his Blue Beetle armor, but he’s still a relative novice at the superhero game. And that’s raised the attention of someone who’s been doing this a long time. See what happens when the Caped Crusader swings over to El Paso to provide some schooling.

Check out the preview pages.


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