Black Lightning Returns This Fall

Tony Isabella, co-creator of Black Lightning, will return to the character for a new series.

Classic creator Tony Isabella returns to his creation, Black Lightning, this November for Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands. Timed to cash in on the character’s debut on superhero farm the CW*, Isabella is joined by artist Clayton Henry to reintroduce Jefferson Pierce to the DC Universe.

The original Black Lightning was a former Olympic-winning decathlete, husband, father, and principal of a high school in the rough part of Metropolis, where he faced off with crooked politicians like Tobias Whale. The new series addresses the inherent problem with that premise by moving him to Cleveland, a setting where crooked politicians makes MUCH more sense. Pierce is still a teacher in Cleveland, though he’s also unmarried, childless and 28, so this story looks like it will function as a de facto reboot.

Henry’s most recent work has been at Valiant, where he pencilled HarbingerArcher and Armstrong,and maybe Valiant’s best book, Ivar, Timewalker. He’s a talented action artist with a knack for physical comedy, and his clean lines and energetic action flow generally lead to really entertaining comics. 

You can see some preview art from the new series here. For more information on Black Lightning: Cold Dead Handsor for warm live takes on each episode of the TV series, stay tuned to Den of Geek.

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* This is not a bad thing! Green Arrow and the Flash are both (anecdotally) getting bumps at shops from the popularity of their TV counterparts. Lord only knows what the industry would look like had both companies been better about cross-marketing from other media further back than 2016…

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