Batman #37 Exclusive Preview

Batman and Superman go on a double date in Batman #37. Here's an exclusive preview!

Tom King’s run on Batman has been a very different kind of animal than what we’ve seen before. For one thing, King is as interested in the Caped Crusader’s domestic life as he is in his heroics. In fact, Bruce has fully accepted the domestic life in recent months. He’s engaged to Selina Kyle and happier than he’s been in years. (His son Damian ain’t too crazy about his new mom, though!)

While the Bat and the Cat’s relationship has been the main focus of King’s run of late, he’s now turning his attention to Batman’s friendship with Superman. In the latest arc, “Superfriends,” the heroes’ friendship is tested by the things that make them different. Are the Dark Knight and the Man of Tomorrow thinking about splitting up? We’ll find out in Batman #37! 

Here’s the synopsis for the issue:

“SUPERFRIENDS” part two! The stunning conclusion to the two-part story. Torn apart by betrayal, Batman and Superman try to find a way back to friendship, to trust. Both understand that the future of the DCU depends on this relationship; both understand that without the help of the other, their lives will fall apart. And yet, one is still the spoiled rich boy, and the other is still the naive farm boy. Men from two worlds confront each other and try to see the hope behind the madness. 

You can check out the cover by Mikel Janin, a variant by Mann, and some preview pages below:


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