Batgirl #8 – Exclusive First Look Preview

The second part of Hope Larson's polar-ice-cap-crossed-lovers tale is out this week, and we have an exclusive preview!

Den of Geek has your exclusive first glimpse at this week’s Batgirl#8, the second part of Hope Larson’s story, “Son of Penguin.”

I was really high on Batgirlcoming into Rebirth – the Cam Stewart/Brendan Fletcher/Babs Tarr team’s run on the Batgirl of Burnside was crucial to reinventing a character who had been set adrift by the New 52 and man was it great to look at. But Rafael Albuquerque is somebody whose art is so good I throw it in other peoples’ faces and shout “LOOK AT THIS IT IS SO GOOD.” Larson’s voice for Barbara was outstanding, and the first arc was excellent, but I was pretty disappointed when I found out that Albuquerque was gone after the first six issues.

Then I found out that they were bringing in a secret son of the Penguin AND turning him into a tech bro, and I was sold again. The new artist, Chris Wildgoose, has an entertaining, light, cartoony line, and while he’s not who I originally signed up for, he works with Larson well enough that I’m still looking forward to this book every month. See for yourself. 

BATGIRL #8 Written by HOPE LARSON • Art and cover by CHRIS WILDGOOSE • Variant cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL “Son of Penguin” part two! It’s hard enough to juggle a new boyfriend when you’re not secretly investigating him for super-villainy! But is Batgirl dating Ethan Cobblepot to get to bottom of his new tech business…or could she actually like him? Plus, Magpie strikes!


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