Avengers: No Surrender Starts in January

Marvel drops a trailer for its Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, and US Avengers cross over.

The first third of Marvel’s 2018 will be spent engrossed in what looks to be a huge Avengers crossover. Announced today, “Avengers: No Surrender” will weave through all three Avengers comics – regular Avengersby Mark Waid; Uncanny Avengers by Jim Zub; and U.S. Avengersby Al Ewing. The series will come out weekly for the first 16 weeks of the year. Pepe Larraz will draw the first month’s worth of books, while Kim Jacinto will draw the second month, and Paco Medina the third. 

Details about the story are light for now. We do know so far that the story spins out of the Marvel: Legacyone-shot and kicks off with the Earth being stolen. Every Avenger ever will be called on to deal with a threat from that book (presumably “The Host” that Loki was calling forth). They’re also slated to face off against Thanos’ Black Order and the Lethal Legion, an old Avengers villain group that has, through its various incarnations through the years, covered just about every bad guy from Paste Pot Pete to Sabertooth to the Absorbing Man.

Voyager, a heretofore hidden Avenger, is prominently featured in the trailer Marvel released for the event. It’s full of motion comics and your typical hype for a crossover, but it also has some great art from the team and spends a lot of time on Sunspot being a Boss, a promising feature of the event.

The crossover kicks off in January’s Avengers#675. For more on “Avengers: No Surrender” or its prequel book, Invaders: No Mercy which doesn’t exist except as a way for me to make a 300joke, stick with Den of Geek!