Aquaman #17: Exclusive First Look

Warhead attacks in this week's Aquaman #17 from DC Comics.

DC sent over an exclusive first look at this week’s issue of Aquaman, and we’ve got some pages for you! Warhead, the villain shaken into activity by the war with Atlantis, strikes Arthur in New York. I’m on the record with my passion for Dan Abnett’s work, and I think we’re getting an all-time run on Arthur Curry here.

For a character like Aquaman, who got two great runs (Peter David’s and then Grant Morrison’s take on Arthur in JLA) in more or less thirty years of being a joke, even with DC making up for lost time with Arthur since the New 52 relaunch (Johns/Reis, Parker/Pelletier, and now Abnett, Walker and Eaton) classics like this are still rare enough that we need to jump on them. Here’s what DC has to say about the issue:

AQUAMAN #17 Written by DAN ABNETT • Art by SCOT EATON • Cover by BRAD WALKER and ANDREW HENNESSY • Variant cover by JOSHUA MIDDLETON “WARHEAD” part two! An ambassadorial visit to New York City is cut short when Aquaman senses a malevolent telepathic signal coming from deep within the city. An investigation pushes Arthur into the clutches of Warhead, a ferocious monster awakened during Atlantis’s war with the surface.

Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments!


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