Alternate Cover: Tips for 2010

James picks out the five comics to watch out for this year...


2010 is upon us, and that means one thing: it’s time for Alternate Cover’s look at the top five comics to look forward to this year!

1. X-Men: Second Coming

Regular readers know I can’t resist a good X-Men story, and the concluding chapter of the mini-arc that began with the “Messiah Complex” crossover at the end of 2007 is one of, if not the most exciting thing about Marvel this year, if only because there’s a good chance it’ll finally put to bed the restriction on mutant births imposed by the Scarlet Witch in the 2004 crossover “House of M” AND bring back Jean Grey. It’s been long enough on both counts!

2. Demo 2

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The 6-issue follow-up series from Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan, the team that brought you the original Demo, was expected late in 2009, but it was eventually solicited for 2010, and the first issue should be with us soon. The original series comprised 12 single-issue ‘graphic novellas’ of massively varying tone that wiped the floor with everything else released that year. The concept started out as single-issue stories of teens ostensibly discovering the ‘superpowers’ in a realistic context, but by the end of the run had been redefined into something much, much more. If the follow up is even half as good, it’s going to be essential reading.

3. Age Of Heroes

I don’t much care for Siege so far, but the prospect of the original ‘big 3′ Avengers – Cap, Iron Man and Thor – re-uniting to take down Norman Osborn makes me practically giddy with excitement over what’ll happen afterwards. The classic Avengers team hasn’t been together for years, so there’s fun in that idea, but if I’m being honest, it’s the suggestion that Age Of Heroes signifies a shift back towards the creator-driven, self-contained stories that made Marvel’s output so good in the early part of the last decade that really interests me.

4. The return of Bruce Wayne

I’m not a huge Batman fan, but I am a huge Grant Morrison fan, and only the self-deluded can prevent themselves being excited by the idea of him bringing Bruce Wayne back from the ‘dead’. Yes, this cross-time odyssey has more than a hint of Captain America‘s recent revival to it, but let’s face it – whatever Grant Morrison does, it’s going to be more interesting than that. Even his failures (hello, Final Crisis) are, at least, interesting ones. Definitely a must-read for 2010.

5. Scott Pilgrim Volume 6?

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There’s nothing official yet, but all the signs point to Scott Pilgrim, Volume 6 being released before the end of the year, if only because creator Bryan Lee O’Malley would apparently like the book out around the same time as the movie, which has a tentative release date of this summer. Scott Pilgrim Volume 5 was easily one of the best comics of last year, and with Volume 6 promising to wrap up the story for good, there’s no way it can fail to be the best yet.

James writes Alternate Cover every Monday at Den Of Geek. His previous column can be found here.