Valentine’s Day Gift Guide – Comics & Books

Check out the best Valentine's Day gifts for comics and book fans from our friends at Spencer's!

Editor’s note: This article comes from the Den of Geek commerce team and is part of our affiliate program with Spencer’s Gifts. A small portion of proceeds from sales go to Den of Geek.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so with the help of our friends over at Spencer’s Online, we rummaged through their online inventories for appropriately romantic and geeky gamer gifts for the occasion.

While not all of our selections are of the hardcore romantic variety, they all make great gifts for your significant others and anyone else in your life you want to use February 14th to platonically appreciate. These are better than real flowers (which will wither and die), fake flowers (which are tacky), and a box of chocolate (which you’ll probably eat halfway through yourself because chocolate is the best and we’re all subjects of sins and temptations).

Or, if you don’t have someone to give anything to, look through our lists anyway and treat yourself. You’re loved and you deserve it.

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Happy Valentine’s Day shopping!

My Valentine’s Day Coloring Book

Have fun and have fun on Valentine’s Day with this not-safe-for-work coloring book, featuring 20 different pages with perfoated sides for easy removal. 

Buy the My Valentine’s Day Coloring Book at Spencer’s

Black Widow Muscle Tank Top

Impress the bejesus out of your enemies with an eyeful of your strong, sensual biceps by wearing this Black Widow tank top. 

Buy the Black Widow Muscle Tank Top at Spencer’s

Deadpool Fragrance For Mens

Matt Murdock once said Deadpool smell like “gunpowder, sadness, and Sriracha.” Now you, too, can smell like those attractive scents with Deadpool’s Frangrance For Mens. (Contains no actual Sriracha.) 

Buy the Deadpool Fragrance For Men at Spencer’s 

Gryffindor Harry Potter Cardigan

Only a notch down from Molly Weasley’s infamous initial sweaters, this cardigan is designed to make you feel right at home at Hogwarts (even if you’re over seventeen, a Muggle, and not in Britain). 

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Buy the Gryffindor Harry Potter Cardigan at Spencer’s

Joker and Harley American Gothic T-Shirt

Show your appreciation for DC Comics’ sickest supervillain power couple and 20th century American art at the same time with this Joker and Harley American Gothic T-shirt.

Buy the Joker and Harley American Gothic T-Shirt at Spencer’s

Harley Quinn Pajama Set

This is for that one person who absolutely must have to can’t not cosplay Harley Quinn every single moment of their waking day. We know you’re out there.

For everyone else, check out this cute pajama set.

Buy the Harley Quinn Pajama Set at Spencer’s

Punisher Bottle Opener

Open your next bottle of beer like a boss and know that Frank Castle’s spirit is with you in the form of this bottle opener.

Buy the Punisher Bottle Opener at Spencer’s 

Batman Harley Bullet Band Watch

Make your frenemy-ship official with these Batman and Harley watches. 

Buy the Batman Harley Bullet Band Watch at Spencer’s 


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Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit Game

Which of you in the relationship love Harry Potter more? Battle it out on Valentine’s Day with this trivial pursuit game. With six trivia categories and 600 questions, you also can play this game on-the-go with its portable wedge holder.

Buy the Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit Game at Spencer’s 

Satin Wonder Woman Bath Robe

Silky smooth and empowering, this is the bath robe for all the wonder women out there on a tight budget. 

Buy the Satin Wonder Woman Bath Robe at Spencer’s