The Ian Gibson column: digging through the archives

As Ian mused about doing more Halo Jones, he's got the small matter of material for his website to consider...

A genuine British comics legend: Ian Gibson

No! I don’t want to be a ‘forensic scientist’! And whether or not I am in need of Viagra is none of your business. Thank you! And if you think I’m dumb enough to believe a pill will give me a ‘long schlong’, you’ve got the wrong guy!

Yes. I’m being spammed. I’ve just relocated my ISP. And the floodgates have opened again!

So, sadly, as I didn’t transfer my old web site in time before my old ISP cut off the service, the old disappeared off into the mysterious ether of cyberspace. Now I’m in the process of rebuilding. I wasn’t all that happy with the old site anyway. So it’s time for something new.

Not that I really have anything ‘new’ to offer. It’s still the same old – same old as far as my artwork goes. Folks seem to want to see Halo Jones more than anything else. So she’ll have to make an appearance. And I’ll pad it out with Judge Dredd, RoboHunter (old and new), vague promises of projects that I really should be putting more effort into. And a general meander down memory lane. If that sounds remarkably like the old site… well. At least it’ll look slightly different.

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And there’s lots of stuff that I really did lose in a catastrophic pewter meltdown that I probably moaned about at length before! 100 gigs of image files are trapped in an unreadable disk. And, no! I can’t afford to go to a specialist to get them recovered. After all, I’m not sure where they are now. Well-organised. That’s me!

I have a vague plan in the back of my mind – there’s plenty of room back there! – to ‘one day’ see what I can do myself in the way of using a ‘recovery’ program on some of my old hard drives. Yes. I have a small stack of them, sitting waiting for my attention. So I’ll be plugging them into one of my spare pewters to see what I can find, if anything.

But my first priority is to get the new site built and available for all to see. It’ll be at the same old address of

But on the up side – one of the pleasures of having to make new is the trawling through dozens and dozens of CDs where odd remnants of work have survived.

Yes. It’s very time-consuming and, at times, frustrating. But I find myself laughing at some of the silly things I’ve illustrated over the years… the ‘intentionally’ funny bits, that is.

So I’m sifting through for, what I might consider, the ‘gems’.

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One thing I’ll probably do is put links in to my Facebook and MySpace’ locations. As to exactly why, I’m not too sure. But it seems like a properly cyber community ‘social networking'(?) thing to do. Not that I visit the sites very often. I’m not sure what they are really supposed to be for. And as to getting to grips with the intricacies of formatting the pages with my own ‘personality’, given the bizarre themes on offer – well – I really have better things to do with my time! Last time I counted, anyway.

But I will surely be putting in a link to Den Of Geek!

The big difference with the new site will be ‘words’. Previously I tended to let the pictures do the talking. This time I’m inclined to offer some insights into what, when, where and who. The ‘inside dope’, I believe it is known as. The occasional anecdote or maybe a tale or two of disaster. Lord knows, I’ve had enough of those!

So you can look for something beyond the pictures. Then again – I might be making it all up…?

Do drop by and visit when you get a chance – and when it’s done.

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