Strike TV Show: Trailer, Cast, Release Date, and News

Detective Cormoran Strike is coming to America...

We already knew that BBC One was making J.K. Rowling’s series of detective novels featuring Cormoran Strike into a TV miniseries, but it was unclear where or if they would air in America. Fear not, Rowling fans! HBO has got your back. 

While the Strike TV show has yet to hit the American airwaves, it has already begun airing in the UK. 

HBO has picked up the U.S. and Canadian rights for Strike, the limited series based on Rowling’s three bestselling crime novels: The Cuckoo’s Calling, The Silkworm, and Career of Evil(all written under pen name Robert Galbraith). The series will consist of seven 60-minute episodes altogether and will air in the U.K. as three separate “event dramas.”

Strikewill follow three adventures of Strike, a war veteran turned private detective trying to make ends meet by taking cases out of his tiny office in London. Injured both physically and psychologically from the war and best known as the illegitimate child of a famous rock star, Strike may not seem like the likliest P.I., but he uses the skills he developed as a Special investigation Branch officer in the military to crack cases the police are unable to solve.

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Strike: The Silkworm Trailer

BBC has released the trailer for The Silkworm, the second part in the Strike limited series event. The story picks up after Cormoran and Robin have successfully solved the murder of supermodel Lula Landry. The team is asked to track down the missing husband of novelist Owen Quine.

Here’s the trailer…

Strike: Cuckoo’s Calling Trailer

And here’s the trailer for the first part in the story, The Cuckoo’s Calling…

Strike TV Show Release Date

Strike began airing on BBC One in the U.K. on August 27th. It has yet to get an American airdate on HBO, but we will keep you updated.

Strike TV Show Cast

War and Peace‘sTom Burke has been cast in the lead role for the series. Burke said of the role:

I’m overjoyed to be immersing myself in the role of Cormoran Strike, who is as complex as he is larger than life. I know I’m joining an extraordinary team of people on a series that for me is peppered with moments of real emotional depth and meticulously grounded in the page-turning momentum of these novels. Cormoran’s world is rich and raw.

Holliday Grainger has been cast in the role of Robin Hellacot, Strike’s loyal, clever assistant.

Strike TV Show Filming

The Strike TV show filmed in London. Check out these behind-the-scenes tweet from the official handle of Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling’s pen name)…

— Robert Galbraith (@RGalbraith) November 14, 2016

Strike TV Show Writer & Director

The Cuckoo’s Callingand The Silkwormhave been adapted for television by Ben Richards (The Tunnel), while the script for Career of Evilwas penned by Tom Edge (The Last Dragon Slayer). Michael Keillor (Line of Duty) directed the first installment, with Kieron Hawkes directing the second part.

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— Robert Galbraith (@RGalbraith) November 3, 2016