Quantum & Woody Bring Back Foil Covers With Them

Valiant's new comedy duo cranks the '90s nostalgia to the max with foil stamped covers

Remember the foil-pressed covers that were all the rage in ’90s comics? No, not Uncanny X-Men#300 or Spectacular Spider-Man#200. Those were holofoil. You know what we’re talking about. YES! The first wave of 2099 comics.

You know who else took some prodding to remember those comics? According to Valiant publisher Dinesh Shamdasani in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the people who actually print comics.

December’s relaunch of Valiant’s most visible comedy duo, Quantum & Woody, is a triumph of ’90s nostalgia. The pair, created by Priest and Mark Bright in the 1990s for the earlier incarnation of Valiant, features a pair of adopted brothers who get super powers from their metal wristbands. They have to clang them together once every 24 hours, though, lest they disintegrate. Priest and Bright played the pair for jokes, and their return in 2013 (by James Asmus and Tom Fowler) saw as much critical acclaim, with a little bit of a higher jokes per minute comic equivalent. 

Now, in December, Valiant is honoring the comic comic pair’s ’90s roots with a new series from Late Show with Stephen Colbertwriter Daniel Kibblesmith and Valiant stalwart Kano, and foil stamped gimmick covers. Here’s what Shamdasani said about the manufacturing process:

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But here’s the crazy thing about most of the enhanced covers that swept comics in the ’90s – most manufacturers have literally forgotten how these types of covers were produced. It is literally a lost art. Fred [Pierce, Valiant’s publisher] and our team have working behind the scenes on this initiative for close to three years, working with our printers, and trying to find the same technicians and specialized presses that perfected the science behind applying all sorts of crazy technologies to comics in the 1990s.

It’s a complex and labor-intensive project, but, after many months of searching, we finally hit the mother lode and discovered a vault that contains many, many kinds of foils and other enhancements that were used at the height of the 1990s and never reproduced again. So we’re reclaiming this material — which includes the exact same foils that were previously used on some big, big comics like Jim Lee’s WildC.A.T.s#2, as well as some others that were never put into production — remixing them and bringing them into the modern day.

It’s not clear if Shamdasani was kidding about WildC.A.T.s#2.

Kibblesmith’s previous work in the Valiant Universe includes the Comixology Unlimited-exclusive Valiant High,an out-of-continuity high school parody of the Valiant universe akin to something a manga publisher would do with a popular property. The stories involved basically caricaturing the entire Valiant comics universe, which would seem to prepare him well for the tonal rigors of a comic where the main characters’ father is a pregnant male goat who talks through a speak n spell. The first issue of Quantum & Woodyis due out this December.