Press release of the day: Jordan’s book makes you ugly!

We wouldn't usually do this - but what a press release! Basically, read a celebrity book in public, and people think you're ugly! We'll stick to our Doctor Who annual, ta...

Lots of sexy, sexy books

This from We don’t usually/ever print press releases, but this is quite brilliant…

“Survey reveals two-thirds of Brits perceive readers of celebrity autobiographies as physically unattractive. Results show 66% of adults make negative judgments about the appearance of a person they see reading Being Jordan or Beckham: My World in public.

Celebrity autobiographies such as Being Jordan or Beckham: My World are multi-million pound bestsellers, but read them in public at your peril, warns Britain’s largest book exchange website,

A survey by the website reveals that the majority of Brits change their perceptions about people they see reading these books in public places. Two out of three Brits surveyed said they would perceive someone who read Jordan’s and Beckham’s biographies in public as ‘unattractive’.

Ad – content continues below co-founder Andrew Bathgate said: “Jordan and Beckham are two of the most image-conscious celebrities on the planet – so it’s ironic that if you read their autobiographies in public, your own image will suffer.

Overall, 97% said that, if they were single, their perceptions about a member of the opposite sex could be affected by the types of books they saw that person reading in public.”

Image-conscious Brits

It seems it’s not just celebrity autobiographies which image-conscious Brits should avoid. Reading so-called ‘chick lit’ and ‘lad lit’ in public can also create negative perceptions along the gender divide.

For example, more than two out of five men (44%) said there is no way they would view a woman reading Chick Lit hit The Secret Dreamworld Of A Shopaholic as attractive, and in fact they would find it ‘a real turn-off’.

Meanwhile, over a third of women said they would actually be physically repulsed by a man they saw reading The World According To Clarkson in public.

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Books that make you look good

So what books should you read if you want to appear more attractive to a member of the opposite sex?

Overall, famous Victorian classics, such as Wuthering Heights and War And Peace, were rated the highest by both genders, with more than a quarter of men (27%) citing they be ‘very attracted’ to a woman they saw reading Tolstoy’s classic on a bus, while nearly one in two women (45%) said they would be ‘interested’ in a man they saw publicly immersed in Bronte’s classic love story.”

So basically, if we read War and Peace on the train, people will fancy us? Blimey.