New International Hunger Games: Catching Fire Trailer, Soundtrack Announcement

The new international trailer of Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss showcases more of the revolution at hand, and the one girl who can try to stop it with the flick of her bow.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss may be “The Girl on Fire,” but her overall Hunger Games franchise is definitely the one poised to most burn up the American box office this Thanksgiving. Having grossed a stunning $400 million domestic take in 2012 when they were just that “other YA series,” they are now a force to be respected like well-aimed bow. For that reason, Lionsgate is trying to expand its reach with this international trailer, which promises more visual eye candy to go hand-in-hand with its practical 1970s styled science fiction and Battle Royale premise. Sure, it may essentially be, “Survive the Hunger Games…Again,” but damned if they do not appear intimidating: 
 One of the smartest things about the marketing of both Hunger Games films to date is that they never actually show those titular Hunger Games. If the first trailer was about the personal survival of a pair of teenagers (and a viscous send-up of reality television), then the second installment promises the goal of attempting to survive a revolution. Our heroine must fight to protect District 12 from being slaughtered in an avoidable war. Good luck with that, Katniss. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire lights the match on November 22. **UPDATE** And in related news, it was announced via press release earlier today that Coldplay will release the first track on the Catching Fire soundtrack! Titled “Atlas,” it is scheduled to be available for iTunes download on August 26 in preparation for the Republic Records and Lionsgate release for later in the year. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all news updates related to the world of geek. And Google+, if that’s your thing!