Lord of the Rings Amazon TV Show Might Focus on Aragorn

Reports are indicating that Amazon’s expensive Lord of the Rings TV series will focus on the exploits of young Aragorn.

Amazon’s much-discussed Middle Earth television endeavors appear to be taking shape. The streaming-service-delivering retail monolith, which cut a $250 million check last fall to the estate of author J.R.R. Tolkien to acquire rights for a TV series based on The Lord of the Rings – that will reportedly cost $1 billion to produce – could have royal justifications for such a move. That’s because reports are indicating that the series will focus on the younger days of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy key character and would-be King of Gondor, Aragorn Elessar!

Perennial Tolkien fan site, TheOneRing took to Twitter with a most intriguing report, claiming confirmation from multiple sources that Amazon’s 5-season committed The Lord of the Rings TV series will, indeed, center on the youthful adventures of Aragorn, who, of course, was famously played by Viggo Mortensen in director Peter Jackson’s revered Oscar-generating trilogy of films.

Additional details claim that the TV series will not be a re-telling of “The War of the Ring,” as depicted in the film trilogy. Rather, it will draw heavily from book trilogy’s appendices, which, included in the back of closer The Return of the King, provides loads of context to the events of the books, also serving as the source for several of the movie’s storylines (notably Aragorn and Arwen’s love story). Indeed, Aragorn’s backstory is the focus of some of Tolkien’s richest supplementary material. He is, as the movies often mention, the long-removed heir of Isildur (the inheritor King of Gondor who cut the Ring of Power from Sauron’s hand, only to be seduced by the trinket’s evil power), but that doesn’t even cover the CliffsNotes regarding the mythical path of the young-looking 87-year-old human.

Coming from a paternal line that stems back to the ancient kings of Gondor, Aragorn was targeted by evil from infancy. Thus, after his father, Arathorn II, died (when Aragorn was 2), the fated child was sent to Rivendell to be raised with the elves by Elrond, where he was given the name, Estel, which means “hope” in Elvish (though he understandably kept that one on the down low). At some point, he left to join his dwindling kin, the Dúnedain, a race of humans with lifespans extending to around 250 years, to battle Middle Earth’s surging evil as roving rangers in the North. Consequently, as the TOR suggests, the Amazon TV series could contain characters such as father Arathorn (likely in flashbacks), mother Gilraen, as well as the never-seen twin sons of Elrond, named Elladan and Elrohir.

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On another note, Aragorn’s friendship with Gandalf is also an important aspect of his early story. It was Gandalf who influenced Aragorn and his ranger companions to protect the borders of the Shire – and the peaceful hobbits within them – from the evil forces of the world; an effort in which he operated under the pseudonym, Strider (the name we first got from him in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy). – Which brings us back to a rumor from back in December, when Ian McKellen was (in a cheeky fashion,) hinting a possible return as Gandalf on the TV series. If the Aragorn news pan out, then McKellen’s prospective role reprisal as Gandalf would seem a lot more feasible.

We will certainly keep you updated on Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings TV series as the news arrives.