The Empty Man: Release Date, Cast, News, and More

The Empty Man, a film adaptation of Cullen Bunn’s horror comic series, will star James Badge Dale in arrive in Fall 2020.

Fox’s upcoming adaptation of Cullen Bunn’s horror comic book series The Empty Man has been gestating as a project for quite a long time. The film was first announced in early 2016 and now it is finally set to see the light of day.

The 2014 six-issue story of The Empty Man was written by the dementedly prolific Cullen Bunn and illustrated by Vanesa R. Del Rey. Appointed to write the script and occupy the director’s chair for the film is David Prior, a journeyman of a helmer, whose work has been seen in the 2008 psychological horror film, AM 1200, along with an array of DVD documentary work for major films, notably on David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Prospectively serving as Prior’s first proper feature, The Empty Man will fortuitously reside in his creative wheelhouse.

If The Empty Man feature even comes close to matching the disturbingly horrific imagery and dark Americana aesthetic of the comic title, then this could be an intriguing new entry in the crowded, been-there-done-that horror film genre.

The Empty Man Release Date

It’s been a long road but The Empty Man is finally set to arrive on August 7, 2020.

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The Empty Man Cast

According to the The Hollywood Reporter, The Empty Man film project will see Iron Man 3 villain James Badge Dale assume the lead role. Bunn’s original 6-issue, limited-run comic series centered on a viral outbreak carrying connections to cults with potentially supernatural implications that turn its victims into demented, aggressive, homicidal and often self-mutilating lunatics that blame their abhorrent actions on a figure known as “The Empty Man.” However, Bunn’s comic might simply serve as a loose framework for the film, since Prior’s script will reportedly “take some departures.” Dale’s character will be named James Lasombra.

Samantha Logan, Stephen Root, Joel Courtney, and Marin Ireland fill out the rest of the cast.