Eisner-winning Sex Criminals comic is coming to TV

Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Sex Criminals comic is becoming a TV show, in the first output from a deal with Universal TV…

Exciting news, this – much-praisied writing duo Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick have signed a two year deal with Universal TV to bring some of their comic books to the small screen. Sex Criminals, Fraction’s collaboration with Chip Zdarsky for Image Comics, will be the first to make the transition.

If you’re unfamiliar, Sex Criminals is the story of Suzie and Jon. They both share an ability to pause time when they orgasm, like a raunchy Bernard’s Watch. The ‘criminals’ bit comes into it when they decide to use this power to rob banks.

Eventually, some bizarre sex police – brandishing sex toys for weapons – catch up with them, resulting in an increased sense of danger. There’s plenty of laughs along the way too, which we’d argue is what holds the whole out-there concept together.

If you think it sounds a bit of a wacky read for your tastes, we’d urge you to try it. Sex Criminals has picked up prestigious awards at every turn, and its much more than just a strange idea. Volume 1 of the comic is out now, with the second on the way shortly.

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It’s unclear what other projects Fraction and DeConnick will bring to telly, but there’s plenty in their shared bibliography to draw from. Assuming that their work with Marvel is off the cards, as is Fraction’s Metal Gear Solid comic presumably, that still leaves Casanova, Satellite Sam, Pretty Deadly, Barbarella, Ghost, Bitch Planet and many more to choose from.

We’re also hearing that Fraction and DeConnick plan to use their TV company Milkfed Criminal Masterminds to bring other comic creator’s indie properties to the small screen, so there’s endless possibilities there from this new partnership.

As more news of this alliance comes through, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, you could do much worse than read Sex Criminals.

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