Director Rachel Talalay Talks Sherlock Season 4 Premiere

Talalay, who directed the two-part Doctor Who season 9 finale, is one of the most exciting directors currently working in TV.

The news that Sherlockseason 4 could be Sherlock‘s final season (at least for a very long while) has the already substantial anticipation building for the currently-filming string of episodes. Luckily, Sherlockseason 4 has one thing that previous seasons of the BBC/PBS co-production never had: Rachel Talalay.

You may know Talalay from her work on Doctor Who (not to mention a little show called The Flash).The American director was behind both season 9 and season 8’s two-part season finales. “Hell Bent” in particular was a master class in why TV direction matters, a point that Sherlockhas made all too well with the differences between its unaired pilot and the aired pilot directed by Paul McGuigan. After all, lackluster direction on Sherlockdoesn’t just make for lackluster viewing, but a dumbing down of Sherlock the character’s inner world.

Which is a long way of saying we are very excited to see Talalay step behind the camera for the Sherlockseason 4 premiere. Entertainment Weekly recently chatted with Talalay about directing a TV episode designed to mimick much of the quality and scope of a big screen effort. Here’s what Talalay had to say:

It’s an interesting balance. You know that your budget is a minuscule fraction [of a big Hollywood movie] but the expectations are that you provide feature-level [quality] on every front. One of the big differences is just the amount of prep time. So, for instance, we had a stunt sequence with a complicated effect within it. You’ve got Benedict, who’s just come off Doctor Strange, and on that it would have been rehearsed for several weeks.

Now you’re in that situation where he’s had one day rehearsal and some of the effects are only being rigged as we get there. So, yes, it would be a hell of a lot easier and nicer to have all that prep time. But there’s something amazing, and fresh, and exciting about, ‘Okay, here’s what we have, here’s what we’re gonna do, now let’s challenge it to be that good.’ [But on Doctor Who] I had Cybermen in front of St Paul’s Cathedral in the middle of the summer, so that was massive as well.

EW also shared a sneak peek photo from the set, showing Talalay chatting with star Benedict Cumberbatch on the set of Sherlock.No, it doesn’t tease much about what we can expect from season 4, but it sure is great to get any glimpse of Cumberbatch in that now-iconic coat.

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