Bubble Comics Brings Russian Heroes To America With Exlibrium

Russia's largest publishing house is hoping to inspire American comic readers with a new title.

The globalization of comic book culture marks an exciting time for the industry. Recently, no international market has embraced the comic world quite like Russia. With traditional American heroes making a huge impact, Russia’s only consistently publishing comic company, Bubble Comics, is making its cultural influence felt with its own unique brand of heroes.

One of their latest titles, Exlibrium, takes Lilia Romanova, an ordinary Moscow teenager who’s well versed in the geek culture and throws her into a fantastical world where creatures and characters from the book world enter her reality. The title is already building fan support in Russia, and Bubble is looking to bring the story to English-speaking audiences with a hardcover special edition. 

To bring the story to America, Bubble launched a Kickstarter campaign with a number of exciting incentives for donations. These include extras like a digital edition of The Art of Bubble (a beautiful full-color showcase of Russia’s new superheroes, which Den of Geek got to preview at San Diego Comic Con last year), hardcover bundles, a chance to have your own superhero, all the way up to a trip out to Russia to meet the creators and tour Bubble’s offices.

Via Bubble on the appeal of Exlibrium

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This is a comic book for almost everyone. On the one hand there are no bombshells or pumped-up superheroes. The screenwriter Natalia Devova doesn’t use common comic series methods to grab the readers’ attention. However the thoughts of the main character and dialogues full of pure irony and will make you feel like you use to know these characters for a very long time already and sympathize them. Exlibrium is an amazing cocktail mixing magic, humor, horror, fairytales and even references to books, videogames and TV shows.

The team behind Exlibrium includes writer Natalia Devova, and artwork from Andrey Ozich Rodin, Alina meissdes Erofeeva, Margarita RitaBanshee Kablukova, and Nina sirPangur Vakueva. The editor-in-chief of Bubble is Roman Kotkov and CEO & Founder is Artem Gabrelyanov.

For more on Bubble and the campaign, watch the video below: 

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