Blade Runner Comics Coming from Titan and Alcon

Blade Runner is getting a new series of comics and graphic novels from Titan Publishing and Alcon Media.

For those hoping for more stories set in the Blade Runner universe, today is your lucky day. Titan Publishing and Alcon Media Group have announced that they’re collaborating on a new series of Blade Runner comics and graphic novels.

We’re not sure when these books might arrive, and it sounds like it’s early days for this project. No creative teams have been announced or any titles. What we do know is that the titles will include “new, in canon comics and graphic novels that dive deeper into the Blade Runner world as well as a variety of publications focused on the visual and technical sides of the production process.”

The projects will be overseen by Titan’s David Manley-Leach, and Alcon’s director of publishing, Jeff Conner.

“We are extremely excited to be publishing Blade Runner comics and illustrated books,” said Titan publishers Nick Landau and Vivian Cheung. “The Blade Runner universe has barely been explored; there is so much more there. It’s an honor to be bringing this world to life in new ways for a new audience – and to reveal tales from that universe that you’ve never seen before.”

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It’s nice to hear will get some new stories potentially starring Decker and some Replicants, especially since the future of the franchise fell into question after the release of Blade Runner 2049. While the long-awaited sequel was a critical darling, it wasn’t the financial success Warner Bros. hoped for. While Ridley Scott says he has a plan for another sequel, it may be a while before we this universe on the big screen again. Luckily, we’ll have the comics to keep us busy.