Under The Dome season 2 start date

News Louisa Mellor
1/16/2014 at 8:13AM

CBS returns to Chester's Mill on the 30th of June for Under The Dome season 2...

Under The Dome, as far as ratings go in the under-fed summer slot, was a real success for CBS. A glossy, high concept Steven King adaptation full of beautiful people and Hank Norris, the series began strongly and - give or take a couple of million - hung on to its viewers until the very end.

The same couldn't be said for the critics' reaction, many of whom cut their losses and scarpered after the first few episodes. Bah critics, said CBS, it's a hit and we want more.

More is on its way, with a second season due to start on Monday the 30th of June at 10pm in the US. Steven King will be writing the second run opener, an episode that, word has it, two characters won't survive. Our money's on Truman the dog and angry townsperson number four...



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