X-Files Revival News: Everything You Need to Know

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2/17/2016 at 8:37AM

We have reviews, exclusive interviews, teasers, and everything you need to know about The X-Files revival.

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X-Files Revival News: The Latest  

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"Babylon" has already sparked rumors of a potential X-Files spinoff for new FBI agents Einstein (Laura Ambrose) and Miller (Robbie Amell). Ambrose spoke with TVLine on the penultimate episode of the revival, expressing her interest in reprising the role in the future. 

"All I know is it was a great place to work, and I would love to do more," Ambrose said. "I love working with Chris and David and Gillian [Anderson]. They’re all amazing, talented people… and I would like nothing more than to do more." 

Chris Carter has stated that the actors don't have a series deal beyond their contracts for their two-episode guest spot in the revival. 

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X-Files Revival Features

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The X-Files Revival Premiere Date

The X-Files returned on Sunday Jan. 24, 2016 with a generous lead-in from the NFL, which hosts its NFC Championship that day. The show airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. in its regular time slot. 

Early viewing numbers suggest The X-Files is a big overnight success, with strong DVR and online streaming numbers. The X-Files premiere drew more than 20 million viewers, plus another 1.1 millions viewers after three days of online streaming on Hulu and FoxNow.