The Walking Dead: Welcome to the Tombs, Review

News Robert Bernstein
3/31/2013 at 11:40PM

Was the season 3 finale of The Walking Dead all it was hyped up to be? *SPOILERS AHEAD*

***Contains Spoilers***

The death toll rose significantly on tonight’s season three finale of The Walking Dead, and the episode went straight into the action. Did the finale live up to the hype? While it wasn’t the best of the three (so far) season finales of The Walking Dead, it was still a must watch episode.  

We finally got to see Beth kill a couple zombies and earn her keep for once. But, where was Judith during this scene? If Maggie, Beth, and Carol were all in this scene together,who was watching Lil’ Asskicker? (Loophole--don’t worry everyone, I found it!) Carol also had an impressive kill (which is rare) and it was actually in brutal fashion with a very large machete.

Milton’s death wasn’t much of a shock, as there really wasn’t a point in carrying him onto season four. Milton’s character had no where to go. Andrea’s death, however, was quite a shocker. I was expecting Milton to rescue her, and he almost did, until he turned into a zombie and killed her. Andrea’s story could have gone in numerous directions for season four, although I’m glad Glen Mazzara decided to write her character off, as her story was beginning to be played out. The character was hard to like, as she flip flopped from good to bad and from badass to whine-ass numerous times in her run on the series. It was time for her to go.

Is it possible that Carl is going too far? Would you have gunned that kid down in the woods also? I would’ve done the same thing Carl did. That boy was moving towards Carl in a shady way after Carl told him to drop the gun. Carl may have spent a little too much time with Shane while his dad was missing, as he’s picked up Shane’s mannerisms. Carl is clearly frustrated with Rick, but I hope the storyline isn’t dragged out in season four, as I’m not fond of Carl’s tone with his father. At one point in the episode, he sort of “shoos” away Rick after he’s done speaking to him by saying, “now go!” Are you kidding me, kid? If my son ever talked to me that way...

Martinez’s reaction to the Governor’s massacre of his own people is interesting for a couple of reasons. For one, he had just called the entire group cowards (his language was a little more colorful). Secondly, I was surprised to see that Martinez was taken back by the Governor’s actions. Throughout season 3, we’ve gotten to know Martinez as one of the supporters of The Governor’s more sinister actions.

I see people talking about how the Governor “snapped” in this episode. Wait, you mean he hadn’t snapped earlier this season? Remember the army outpost he executed before the mid-season break? He stabbed Milton, and left him to turn into a zombie in hopes that he’d kill Andrea. He got his wish, that damn Governor! Unfortunately, we didn’t get a conclusion to the Gov’s story in the finale We don’t know where the Governor and his two henchmen have gone off too, but he’s obviously going to be a big part of season four.

Rick, Michonne and Daryl formed what I’m going to call the “Tactical Elite" to take the fight to Woodbury. These three are the obvious best choices, as they are the three most confident walker killers in the series. We finally saw Michonne and Rick’s bond from the comic books come into fruition here in the finale, and I can’t wait to see what season four has in store for the unlikely duo. I’m also glad to see Tyreese has joined the prison group because of the type of character that he is. He’s a good guy all the way to his core, and he is certain to become an asset for Rick and co.

27 kills later, and we’re at the end of season three. Honestly, I was expecting a little bit more from tonight’s episode; it was a bit anticlimactic. Sure, the action was great, and there were a few character deaths, but there really wasn’t a big cliffhanger like there was with the season one and season two finales. I was expecting to see a wrap-up of The Governor’s character tonight, one way or the other, and unfortunately that didn’t happen. The decision to not kill him off in the finale makes me wonder if Mazzara/Gimple wanted to continue on with the Governor’s character due to how well David Morrissey portrayed him. I can’t wait to see what Gimple and Kirkman have in store for the Governor in season four.

Zombie Kill of the night: Beth killing the walker with a crowbar through the forehead

Gore meter: 6 out of 10. Nothing too hard to watch.

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