New poster for The CW's iZombie

News Louisa Mellor
6/5/2014 at 8:41AM

Arriving on The CW in early 2015, iZombie has a brand new poster...

Though the decision to hold iZombie back for a midseason premiere on The CW may dissipate some of the excitement around its arrival, it's always better to wait than to rush. With The Flash starting in the autumn alongside a host of continuing series from last year's crop of newcomers (The OriginalsReignThe 100), waiting until early 2015 to debut the new Rob Thomas-produced comic book series will hopefully give it room to breathe. Do Zombies breathe? Whatever.

It also means that the slow trickle of publicity material for the new show will be even more drawn out than usual. Getting the ball rolling on that front is this new poster for the series, featuring Rose McIver in the lead as Undead 'Liv', flanked by Rahul Kohli as Liv's morgue colleague Dr Ravi Chakrabarti and Malcolm Goodwin as Clive Babinaux.

There's also a very blurry looking iZombie trailer recorded from live TV doing the rounds for anyone who can't wait, but if it's all the same to you, we'll hang on for the official one.

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