Joe R. Lansdale's Hap and Leonard Coming to TV

News Marc Buxton
3/6/2014 at 9:58AM

Joe R. Lansdale's famed private eye due, Hap and Leonard, may be coming to the Sundance Channel from the Cold In July writer and director.

The duo that brought Joe R. Lansdale’s Cold in July to life, director Jim Mickle and writer/actor Nick Damici, are reportedly on the verge of signing a deal that will bring Landsdale’s popular Hap and Leonard novel series to the small screen. The Wrap reports that the creative partners are close to signing a deal with the Sundance Channel that will bring Lansdale's books to television.

The Hap and Leonard series centers on two kind hearted and hard hitting best friends who live in Texas, Hap Collins and Leonard Pine. Hap is a highly trained martial artist whose morality and sense of fairness often gets him in trouble with the criminal element he frequently comes into contact with. Leonard Pine, an African American homosexual ex-Navy Seal, is often along for the ride to keep Hap out of trouble. Hap and Leonard have been the stars of eight novels, two novellas, and a book of stories and excerpts, so Mickle and Damici will have plenty of material to choose from. The settings, scathing humor, themes of justice and fairness, and spot on characterizations will appeal to fans whohave grown to love FX’s Justified.

We will have more news as it breaks, but rest assured, if Sundance sticks close to the tone and world established by Landsdale, Hap and Leonard could be one of the most daring shows on television.

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